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Page 1 of 46 of the Tumwater / New Market Area of Interest.
Tumwater, originally called “New Market,” was the first permanent American settlement on Puget Sound. In 1845, a party of 30 men and women, led by Michael T. Simmons and George Bush, established a settlement here when it was still British territory.

Initially, the community developed around the falls of the Deschutes River, called S p E k w a' L, "cascade," by the Coastal Salish. The town was later known as “Tumwater,” Chinook jargon for “waterfall.” Tumwater was incorporated November 25, 1869 and re-incorporated on November12, 1875.

In 1895 Leopold Schmidt established a brewery at the falls, which became a focus of the city. In 1956, the construction of the freeway through the city razed most of the original downtown.

Now noted for its parks and museums, Tumwater has adopted the classic lines of the Old Brewhouse for buildings at its new civic center along Israel Road.
Information courtesy of (1) Thurston County Historic Commission.