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Page 1 of 5 of the Bucoda / Seatco Area of Interest.
Settled in 1856 by Aaron Webster, Bucoda was first known as Seatco from the Coastal Salish word “Tsi-at-co,” meaning “devil” or “ghost place”. From 1878 to 1887, Seatco was the site of Washington Territory’s first penitentiary.

In 1890, the name was officially changed to Bucoda, from the first two letters of the last names of J.M. Buckley, a railroad executive, Sam Coulter, a local businessman, and J.B. David, a Portland investor.

From Aaron Webster’s first sawmill in 1857 through the early 1950s, the community’s economy was dependent upon forest products and nearby coal mines. Incorporated on July 7, 1910, Bucoda is now a quiet residential community.
Information courtesy of (1) Thurston County Historic Commission.