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Page 1 of 77 of the Lacey / Woodland Area of Interest.
Nisqually Indians used Lacey’s prairies and lakes for thousands of years before the first Euro-American settlers arrived in the late 1840s. Lacey was first settled in 1848 by David and Elizabeth Chambers. Other families followed and by 1891, the Tacoma, Olympia and Grays Harbor Railroad finished laying tracks through the community, now known as Woodland after the Isaac Wood Foundation Land Claim. That same year Woodland was awarded its own post office, but because a Woodland already existed in Washington, the post office took the name of “Lacey.” The name likely came from an Olympia real estate speculator O.C. Lacey.

Saint Martin’s College opened in 1895, and one of its Benedictine brothers, Father Sebastian Ruth’s experimentation with radio transmissions in 1914 led to the beginning of Washington’s first radio station (KGY) in 1922.

During the mid 1920s, resorts opened on Hicks, Long, Pattison, and Southwick Lakes, attracting visitors from all over the state. By October 1966, shopping centers were the attraction, and Lacey opened its first, then the third largest in the state. That same year Lacey incorporated to become a city.
Information courtesy of (1) Thurston County Historic Commission.