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Search Tips

Each "Album" Web page that is displayed on this site contains the following informational attributes that may be searched through depending on the search option used: names (mostly people, but some places), donor name, date, and area of interest.  Each page may or may not have information for each attribute.

Depending on the specific information being searched for, a user is advised to do a variety of searches if the expected results are not found.

Following is a description of each search option:

  • Search for a Specific Name:  This option uses the name entered and searches for matches in the 'names' attribute of each page.  A 'name' must be only one word that is at least 3 characters long and does not consist of any of the following: ? * # % _  [ .   Those pages that satisfy the search criteria will be displayed to the user.

  • Search by Area of Interest:  This option allows the user to select from one of the predefined Areas of Interest, displaying the pages available for that selection.  This option returns the same results as if the Area of Interest were selected from the Album Contents page.

  • Search by Donor:  This options allows the user to select from one of the donors listed, displaying the pages that contain information and/or photos provided by the donor.

  • Search by Dates:  This option allows the user to enter 'from' and 'through' years, returning those pages that have information in the date attribute which satisfies the search dates.  Date information is available for a page only if it is historically relevant to the page's information.  If a user wishes to search for a single year only, enter the same year value for both the 'from' year and the 'though' year.

Note: To successfully use these search options, you must have your browser set to accept cookies. These cookies are not stored on your computer and only exist while you are doing searches.