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Have an Interesting Photograph?

We are interested in displaying photographic images on this site that are part of the history and the development of Thurston County.

Photo Building Image If you have a photograph that you feel would be of interest to the visitors of this Web site, please consider allowing us to display it.

We can't pay for the use of photographs, but allowing us to display your photographs would help to paint a more complete and visual history of Thurston County.


  • Thurston County has the right to decide:
    • Which photographs will be displayed on this site.
    • If a photograph is displayed, what the caption wording with the photograph will be.  Acknowledgement will be given to the individual(s) or group(s) who offered the photograph for display.
    • What dimensions the image will be displayed at.
  • The primary interest is in photographs from the 1950s or earlier, unless the photograph has historical value from a more recent date - a news worthy event or community happening.
  • Photographs must be adequate in quality and size to allow viewers to be able to discern what the displayed image is about.
  • Thurston County has the right to edit the electronic image, if necessary, to help make the image more viewable.
  • Thurston County makes no guarantee that the displayed image, when viewed in a browser, will accurately represent the colors, tint, or lighting of the original photograph.  However, it is the intent of Thurston County to display all photographs as accurately as possible.

Submission Process:

  • A Thurston County Web Photograph Submission and Release Form must accompany each photograph or electronic image submitted.  All fields must be filled in.
  • Each photograph or electronic image submitted must be placed in a separate envelope, or similar container, to help insure that it and its paperwork are not separated.Airplane Postcard Image
  • If a photograph is submitted in electronic format, it must be in TIFF or JPEG format and submitted on CD or floppy disk.
  • If the scanning of an accepted photograph is to be done by Thurston County, it is requested that an original photograph be provided.  If requested, an electronic copy of the submitted image will be provided to the submitter.
  • Submit all photographs and paperwork to:
    • Historic Images c/o Paul Henderson
    • Central Services Department
    • 2000 Lakeridge Drive S.W., Olympia, WA  98502
    • (360) 786-5420, ext. 7572
  • Photographs and paperwork can also be hand delivered to the Thurston County Courthouse complex, building 1, Information Desk.
  • Submitters will be contacted shortly after their photograph and paperwork are received and reviewed.
  • All photographs will be returned to the submitter.
  • If you have questions about submitting photographs, you may also send an e-mail to Paul Henderson.