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Thurston  County  Juvenile  Court


Rules for Day School

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Thurston County Juvenile Detention

Tumwater West

Day School Rules

All participants in the Day School Program are required to sign an agreement stating that they will abide by the following rules:

I understand I was court ordered to attend the Day School Program as an alternative to going into full time juvenile detention. My probation officer or the court has decided what length of time I am to be in the program. If I am confused about why I am in Day School, or how long I am to be in Day School, I will contact my PO.

I understand I have to have any absences or tardies, verified by my parent, probation officer, counselor and/or a doctor. Absences not verified are considered unexcused and may result in consequences from my probation officer.   

I understand I am to dress appropriately for school attendance.  I understand I must sign the Day School Dress Standards form.

I understand I am expected to report for Day School at 8:45 a.m.  If I am late for school, I will not be allowed in for the day and must report to my probation counselor.   If my probation counselor is not available, I understand I must speak to another, available probation counselor.

I understand I will be asked to empty my pockets, be frisk searched and must walk through a metal detector before entering the Day School classroom.

I understand that all my personal property will be locked in lockers provided for the duration of the school day.

I understand that Day School hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.  I understand that I may not leave the Day School classroom unless going with my probation officer, with a counselor, or going to court. 

The Day School program provides lunch. No food or drinks may be brought in to Day School. There are no exceptions.

I understand I am expected to follow all directions and have appropriate behavior for school. Any inappropriate behavior on my part may result in consequences, and my behavior will be reported to my probation officer. Any threatening or assaultive behavior will result in being kicked out for the day, and possibly having charges filed against me. Consequences are given on an individual basis.

I understand that the Thurston County Juvenile Court and Day School Program has zero tolerance for any mental, physical or sexual abuse; gang related behavior; discrimination or harassment of any kind.  If anyone or anything makes me feel scared for my personal safety or well being, is treating me inappropriately, is bothering or harassing me, or is asking or demanding things of me that are sexual in nature, I am to tell staff immediately, or ask to see the Detention Manager. 

I understand that any disclosure of illegal activity will be reported to my probation officer and the Detention Manager.

________________________________                   ________________

                 Student Signature                                             Date



Thurston County Juvenile Court

Tumwater West

Day School Dress Standards Form

Examples of inappropriate clothing/attire are:

         Sagging my pants or shorts.

         Wearing low cut pants or shirts

         Mini-skirts or short shorts

         Tank tops or shirts with excessively large arm holes

         Low cut tops

         See through clothing

         Tops that reveal the mid-riff (skin between pants and shirt)

         Clothing that depicts  sex, drugs, alcohol or gangs/gang affiliations.

         Jewelry that depicts sex, drugs, alcohol or gangs/gang affiliations

         Rosary beads

         Belts, bracelets or collars with spikes, belts, or bullets


         Shoes (shoes are to be worn at all times)


Note this is an illustrative list, clothing/attire may be approved/not approved by staff on a case by case basis.

I understand that Staff will determine what clothing is, or is not appropriate for Day School and will take action as needed.

I understand that if I am told by staff that some or all of my clothing is inappropriate for school, I will do what is suggested at the time to correct it, and agree to come dressed according to school expectations in the future.

I understand that I must wear appropriate clothing for school.  If I do not, I understand I will be considered absent from school, be provided clothing, or referred to my probation officer.


________________________________                   ________________

                 Student Signature                                             Date





Page Revised on June 29, 2018 Thurston County