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25005 Bald Hill Rd.

This park is a hidden treasure in Thurston County. In its natural form, it is a paradise for adventurers and photographers. Here one can find natural rock monoliths, swirling pools of water, native plants and animals, deep canyons, and the falls.

Thurston County has made minimal improvements to the site. There is a four foot high fence at the edge of the river gorge to help ensure the safety of visitors. A mobile home was also added to serve as a residence for a live-in caretaker. The site will be open as a “day-use” facility meaning no overnight camping will be allowed.

The 155-acre park earns the name Deschutes Falls for a 27 foot waterfall that spills into the Deschutes River. Water cascades into the river, where the banks rise to approximately 70 feet. The river then moves through a 400 foot gorge, and finally settles into a basin that is 300 by 150 feet. The portion of the Deschutes River that runs through the park has a series of small waterfalls visible to visitors.

The park is located near the end of Bald Hill Rd SE. (25005 Bald Hill Rd.)

Areas of this site contain steep grades and may be challenging for people with mobility issues. Please contact Thurston County Parks for more information.