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Applications and Forms

Application Requirements

The Building Development Center offers one-stop shopping for general information and permits needed for land use and development in unincorporated Thurston County.

If you are unsure of the application requirements, please ask. Providing a complete and accurate application package will help Thurston County review your project in a timely manner and make the permitting process simpler for you. 

Do I Need an Appointment?

Appointments are not required for applications. Please be sure that you have all the required information that is noted on the application checklist. For Nonresidential/commercial application be sure to visit the commercial web page.

The Permit Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Click here for the address. Each application has a list of submittal requirements, which you'll see on the application itself.  The Building Development Center will only accept application packages that are complete.

Pay Review Fee

When you submit your application package, you are also required to include a check payable to Thurston County to cover the non-refundable plan review fee for your application.

How Long Will it Take? How Do I Check My Status?

We will begin to work on your application immediately and in the order received. For a basic residential permit, it can take up to 12 weeks; however, more complicated projects and land-use reviews might take up to a year. To check the status of your permit, you can use our online "Check Permit Status" tool, or call our automated information line.

Which Forms/Applications May We Help You Find?

I Know What I Need
Click here if you already know which form you need; otherwise, click on the links below.
master icon Master Application:
General form required for all projects, must be accompanied by other project-specific (supplemental) applications.
house icon Residential Supplemental Applications:
For single-family homes and duplexes, additions & remodels, accessory buildings, minor permit projects (replacing roofing, siding, gas appliances). The adult family home inspection form is also available here.
Manufactured/Mobile Home Supplemental Applications:
For manufactured homes and mobile homes.
     Non-Residential (Commercial) Supplemental Applications:
For churches, offices, schools, businesses, business barns, arenas, fireworks displays/stands, hood & ducts, signs, changing of homes to businesses and oil tank decommission
Inspection Certification Forms:
Gas Line Pressure Test Verification
Plumbing Water/Air Test Verification
Septic Systems/Water System Supplemental Applications (Environmental Health):
For septic systems, wells
Encroachment/Grading/Drainage/Right-of-Way Supplemental Applications (Public Works - Development Review):
For driveways that connect to a county road; entrance to any commercial development; excavation, clearing, grading of land; stormwater drainage and erosion control
Land-Use and Environmental Review Supplemental Applications:
For site plan reviews, special use permits, boundary line adjustments, critical areas review, reasonable-use exception, division of land, SEPA, Joint Aquatic Resources Permit (shorelines)
  Appeal/Reconsideration Forms (Hearing Examiner)
For seeking a quasi-judicial proceeding for a land-use case, such as SEPA, zoning, critical areas, urban growth areas, plats and subdivisions and shorelines.

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