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Applications and Forms - Encroaching/Grading

Examples:  for driveways that connect to a county road, any commercial development, relocation of an existing approach, clearing and grading activity. These applications are reviewed by the Thurston County Public Works Department.

The information on this page is a general guide. Before filling out any applications, contact the Building Development Center with your project details to verify exactly which applications you'll need to supply. 

How to Find Submittal Requirements

Submittal requirements are listed on each of the application forms featured below.

red arrowMaster Application -- required for all projects
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Master Application - MA 001 General application required for all projects - asks for contact information and a checklist of the supplemental applications (ie, project-specific applications) the applicant will be providing. Guide to Using Form
Additional Property Owners Attachment Page
Encroachment/Clearing/Excavation/Road Forms dollar signClick here for fees.
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Encroachment Permit - SA 013)

For building a driveway to a county road, relocating an existing approach, extension of an existing culvert, and any other work perfomed within the right-of-way.

Encroachment Permit Guide
Construction Permit - SA 014
(for clearing, grading, excavation, filling, erosion control)
Required for clearing/disturbing more than 7,000 square feet (clearing, conversion to lawn, conversion to pasture etc...),excavating/filling more than 50 cubic yards, or performing these tasks in a critical area buffer. Typically required for homes with basements. Construction Permit Guide 
Variance from Roads/Drainage Standards - SA 015 To request a variance from roads or drainage standards. Variance from Roads/Drainage Standards Guide
Scoping Review Request - SA 015a In certain cases, applicants are required to present their conceptual ideas for studies or designs to the Public Works Department before they submit an application.  This form is used to request such a "scoping review" for traffic impact studies, and for stormwater drainage plans. Scoping Review Request Guide
Right of Way Access Permit -SA 015b This form is to ask permission to perform work within an unopened county right-of-way (a right-of-way that is not yet used/maintained by the county).

Right of Way Access Permit Guide
Request to Vacate Right-of-Way - SA 015c To request that the County vacate a right-of-way adjacent to thier parcel which they believe is no longer useful to the County road system. Requset to Vacate Right-of-Way Guide

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For questions about clearing and grading, call (360) 867-2050.  For questions about right-of-ways, call (360) 867-2050.


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