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Effective June 1, 2018

Drawing Submittal Standards Changed

 New Standard:

  • One (1) full-size set of construction drawings

  • One (1) 11 X 17 set of construction drawings

Please speak with a Permit Technician for more information.



house iconApplications and Publications - Residential

Examples: single-family homes and duplexes, additions & remodels, accessory buildings, minor permit projects (replacing roofing, siding, gas appliances)

The information on this page is a general guide. Before filling out any applications, contact the Building Development Center with your project details to verify exactly which applications you'll need to supply. 

Typical Residential Application Packages Include...

For a site that does not yet have approval for a septic system, apply for a Septic Installation Permit (also referred to as "Conditional Site Approval").

  • Click here for information about getting conditional site approval.

This step is not required for sites that already have a septic installation permit or that are served by a sewer system.

Once the site is approved for a septic system (or if it is served by a sewer system):

  • Master Application (form MA 001) and Residential Supplemental Application (Form SA 001)
  • Site Plan (Form SA 001 explains what is needed on the site plan)
  • On-Site Sewage (Septic) Installation Permit (see above if you don't already have a septic permit).
  • Certificate of Water Availability
  • Encroachment Application (SA 013) (for any new driveway to a county road or relocation of a driveway)
  • Right-of-Way Access Permit (SA 015 B) - if accessing property through an Thurston County right-of-way that is not in use (i.e., "unopened") by the county. If the right-of-way is already in use, no building can occur on the right-of-way.
  • Construction Permit from Public Works (clearing and grading application SA 014) - but only if clearing/disturbing more than 7,000 square feet or excavating/filling more than 500 cubic yards or working in an environmentally-sensitive area. Typically applies to homes with basements. Click here for a description of when SA 014 is needed.
  • Utility Permit - typically handled by the utility companies unless running a private septic or water line under the roadway

How to Find Submittal Requirements

Submittal requirements are listed on each of the application forms featured below.

red arrowMaster Application -- required for all projects
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Master Application - MA 001
General application required for all projects - asks for contact information and a checklist of the supplemental applications (ie, project-specific applications) the applicant will be providing. Guide to Using Form
Additional Property Owners Attachment Page
 Residential Supplemental Applicationsdollar signClick here for fees
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Residential Building Permit

Building Permit Extension Request Form

Refund Request

Withdraw Request
Main supplemental application for single-family homes and duplexes.  (If the property will have a new septic system, you must first apply for conditional site approval described above).
This form is also used for additions and remodels; basements; garages; decks; patios; porches; pole buildings (sheds); carports; pools; interior remodels; retaining walls.
Also see our Step-by-Step Guide for Home Builders web page.

And see our International Building Code drawings.
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) NEW

Garage Conversion Guide

Single-Family Home/Duplexes Guide
Impervious Surface Worksheet
Truss Design Requirements
Stormwater Drainage Plan
Washington State Energy Code Compliance Form

Accessory Building Guide

Agricultural Buildings
Structures Built Prior to Permit Guide

Which inspections do I need

Compliance Verification

Supplemental Certification List

Living in an RV While House is Under Construction

Exempt Accessory Structures

Tiny Home Information Guide

Swimming Pools & Spas

Well Mandate Guide

Well Mandate Form

Water Resource Inventory Affidavit Area 13 & 14

Water Resource Inventory Affidavit Areas 11, 22, & 33
Minor Permit The Minor Permit application is used for mechanical, plumbing, residential and non-residential propane tanks, demolition of structures, new skylights, and replacement of skylights, windows or doors with modifications. Re-roofs do not require a permit but must comply with the building code. Oil tank decommission projects will require a Fire Code Construction/Operation Permit.

Minor permits are likely to be issued “over-the-counter” and generally do not require building plans.
Minor Permit Guide
Manufactured Homes  Click here for applications for manufactured homes
Adult Family Homes Thurston County enforces adult family home building regulations established by the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) in cooperation with DSHS. An adult family home is defined as having up to six adults who are not related by blood or marriage to the care providers. Adult Family Home Guide
Specifications for Grab Bars - Illustrated
Adult Family Home Building Inspection Checklist (external link)
Oil Tank Decommissioning The International Fire Code (IFC) Chapter 57 requires underground tanks, out of service for one year, be removed from the ground or abandoned in place.    Oil Tank Decommissioning
Information Guide

Certificate of Water Availability - required for all building and septic system permits
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Certificate of Water Availability:
For single-family or two-party water system
For public water system
In order to obtain a septic system permit or building permit, applicants must prove they have source of water.  This is accomplished by supplying a "Certificate of Water Availability Form."  If the source of water is a single-family, two-family, or Group B water system, the applicant is required to submit a well report fact sheet that describes the well's capacity and construction. This is to ensure that the well meets safety codes and is capable of delivering the necessary volume of water. See column to the right. Locating or Recreating a Water Well Report Fact Sheet

red arrowAlso see Septic/Water System Applications, Encroaching/Grading Applications, and Land Use Applications.

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