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Applications and Publications - Manufactured Homes/Mobile Homes

The information on this page is a general guide. Before filling out any applications, contact the Building Development Center with your project details to verify exactly which applications you'll need to supply. 

How to Find Submittal Requirements

Submittal requirements are listed on each of the application forms featured below.

red arrowMaster Application -- required for all projects
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Master Application
General application required for all projects - asks for contact information and a checklist of the supplemental applications (ie, project-specific applications) the applicant will be providing. Guide to Using Form
Additional Property Owners Attachment Page
Manufactured Home Supplemental Applications dollar signClick here for fees (toward the end of first page)
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Manufactured Home Placement For placing a new or used manufactured home on a piece of property in Thurston County. (If a new septic system is proposed, the septic application must be submitted before the Manufactured Home Placement permit application.)
Also see our Manufactured Homes page for information about replacing a manufactured home in a mobile home park.
Manufactured Home Placement Guide
Anchoring Verification Form
Assessor's Home Data Sheet (for assigning a parcel #)
Family Member Unit Affidavit (for placing a manufactured home for a family member on your property).  

Well Mandate Guide
Well Mandate Form

Water Resource Inventory Area  Affidavit Area 13 and 14

Water Resource Inventory Area Affidavit Areas 11, 22 and 23

Impervious Surface Worksheet
red arrowTitle Elimination Inspection Request
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Title Elimination Inspection Request The Title Elimination Inspection Request form certifies a manufactured/mobile home was installed per state law WAC 296-150l-0310.  This form shall only be used if the Thurston County Building Development Center has no record of a placement permit in their tracking system. This form is not a Manufactured/Mobile Home Placement Permit and does not substitute for one.  Future development proposals may require permits.  Do not use this form for homes installed after December 31, 2002.  Homes installed after this date must have obtained a Manufactured Home Placement Permit with Thurston County. Code Compliance Verification Certification
Engineer Supplemental Mobile Certification List

Homeowner Checklist
Certificate of Water Availability - required for all manufactured home, building and septic system permits
Application (PDF) - includes submittal info. Description Info. Related to the Application
Certificate of Water Availability:
For single-family or two-party water system
For public water system
In order to obtain a septic system permit or building permit, applicants must prove they have source of water.  This is accomplished by supplying a "Certificate of Water Availability Form."  If the source of water is a single-family, two-family, or Group B water system, the applicant is required to submit a well report fact sheet that describes the well's capacity and construction. This is to ensure that the well meets safety codes and is capable of delivering the necessary volume of water. See column to the right. Locating or Recreating a Water Well Report Fact Sheet

red arrowAlso see Septic/Water System Applications, Encroaching/Grading Applications, and Land Use Applications.


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