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red floatPlease notice that  Building Code Title  14 has been updated and adopted to reflect the new 2015 International Codes as adopted by the State and modified by the County. Municode.com may not have the current language as adopted under the new Ordinance.  See the proposed language at  News and Links at https://www.co.thurston.wa.us/permitting/  
Please check your project to see that it meets any changes to the new requirements. Our handouts and applications will be updated soon,  Please contact the plans examiners if you have questions at permit@co.thurston.wa.us. Thank you for your patience during this update.

Building Codes are developed, changed, and enforced for one main reason - safety.  These important standards help protect your family from safety risks like structural failures, fire hazards caused by electrical and heating systems, and electrical shock. They also help eliminate costly repairs for poor-quality work and save money in the long run. However, building codes can be complicated and confusing to many homeowners.

Thurston County recommends residents check with the Building Development Center early in the design process to clarify which codes must be followed.  If you are planning to undertake more than cosmetic changes, you might want to consider hiring a professional who has an in-depth knowledge of building materials and building codes.

red floatImportant tip:  Before you start studying the building codes, have you checked to make sure that your proposed project is actually allowed on your parcel of land?  Please check our "Site Information" page.


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