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Truss Design Drawings and Specifications

trussIf your building project will use truss-framed roof or floor systems, you are required to submit engineered, stamped truss design drawings and specifications along with your building permit application.

Truss design drawings and specifications must include, at a minimum:

  • Slope or depth, span and spacing.
  • Location of all joints.
  • Required bearing widths.
  • Design loads as applicable.
    • Top chord live load (including snow loads)
    • Top chord dead load.
    • Bottom chord live load.
    • Bottom chord dead load.
    • Concentrated loads and their points of application.
    • Controlling wind and earthquake loads.
  • Adjustments to lumber and joint connector design values for conditions of use.
  • Each reaction force and direction.
  • Joint connector type and description (e.g., size, thickness or gauge) and the dimensioned location of each joint connector except where symmetrically located relative to the joint interface.
  • Lumber size, species and grade for each member.
  • Connection requirements for:
    • Truss to truss girder.
    • Truss ply to ply.
    • Field splices.
  • Calculated deflection ratio and/or maximum description for live and total load.
  • Maximum axial compression forces in the truss members to enable the building designer to design the size, connections and anchorage of the permanent continuous lateral bracing. Forces shall be shown on the truss design drawing or on supplemental documents.
  • Required permanent truss member bracing location.


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