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Nonresidential/Commercial Uses

Nonresidential uses are any use on a tax parcel that is not residential in nature or is not accessory to a residential use. This includes businesses, some home occupations or home-based industries where the public or customers are served, religious groups, businesses or not for profit groups.

Presubmission Conference Required

officeApplicants who apply for a nonresidential development permit are required to participate in a presubmission conference. This conference provides an opportunity for Thurston County and the applicant to discuss application requirements and the general concepts of the proposed development. It is the first step toward preparing and submitting a formal site plan.

This web page provides general information; however, the presubmission conference is the main launching point for any type of nonresidential (commercial) development and details will be discussed at the meeting. 

  • Click here for a guide to nonresidential development
  • Click here for a description of presubmission conferences.
  • Click here for a nonresidential building and land-use applications.
  • Click here for a guide to accessible parking spaces.
  • Click here for a guide to property line protection.

Drainage Scoping Report

In most cases, applicants for a nonresidential (commercial) permit are required to participate in a drainage scoping report.  Click here for details.

Contact Us

To contact the commercial plan reviewer, phone (360) 786-5466 or e-mail chris.edmark@co.thurston.wa.us 

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