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Removing Someone Else's Junk Vehicle From Your Property

  • STEP 1: If you do not have legal documentation for the vehicle (for example, a title or court order), arrange for a Junk Vehicle Inspector to examine the car. The inspector will supply you with a form verifying that the vehicle is a junk/hulk vehicle, and directing you to notify the legal owner. This form is called a "Junk Vehicle Verification Notification and Affidavit" (JVVNA). For vehicle inspections on private property within unincorporated Thurston County, please submit a Junk Vehicle Affidavit Request. For junk vehicles within city limits, contact the city for an inspection (phone numbers are located at the bottom of this page).
  • STEP 2: After the inspection, the inspector will mail you the JVVNA form. Follow the instructions on the back of the form to notify the legal owner. (The form also contains a section for cases where the legal owner can't be found.) You can view the form by clicking here, but remember that an inspector will supply you with an actual paper copy of the form.

  • STEP 3: If the vehicle remains unclaimed more than fifteen days after you notify the owner, you may dispose of the vehicle by calling a hulk hauler or wrecking yard directly. (See below for more information.)

Calling a Hulk Hauler

To find a service near you, call a towing or wrecking company near your home, and ask if the company is licensed to remove junk vehicles. Depending on the scrap metal market value and the type of vehicle you have, the hauler may or may not charge to haul your vehicle (some may even pay you). Call around for the best deal. The original copy of your JVVNA form will go with the hauler, however, you may want to make copies for your own records.

Junk Vehicle Inspectors

Please call the inspector who serves your area.

Unincorporated Thurston County (i.e., outside of city limits), please email us at junkvehicle@co.thurston.wa.us.

  • City of Lacey:  (360) 491-5642
  • City of Tumwater:  (360) 754-4200
  • City of Yelm:  (360) 458-3100
  • City of Tenino:  (360) 264-2626
  • Town of Rainier:  (360) 446-2245 


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     Questions? Email us at junkvehicle@co.thurston.wa.us.

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