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Permitting Fees

calculatorBuilding and Land Use Permit Fees

Fees for building and land-use projects can vary depending on the type of permit or the size of the project; therefore, it's not possible to quote actual fees on this website. If you have a complete set of plans, the Building Development Center can evaluate the project and provide you with an estimate of the fees before you actually apply for a permit. 

The Thurston County Permitting Program is self-supporting through fees and does not rely on Thurston County's general fund.

Forms of Payment Accepted

Application Fees may be paid by check, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash.

Thurston County’s credit card vendor charges a fee of 2.35% of the transaction total for each transaction. They charge $2 for totals of $85 or less. Cash and check transactions not affected. Read more

Fee Due Dates

guide boxSee our "Step by Step Guide for Homeowners" for a description of when fees are due.

Start Here: Guide to Residential and Nonresidential (Commercial) Permit Fees

calculator icon For a quick look at residential and nonresidential permit fees for a standard project, click here. For more detailed information, see "Permit Fees by Topic" below.

Permit Fees by Topic:

house icon Residential Plan Review and Building Permit Fees:
Covers the costs of a typical residential site-plan review (to check for zoning, critical areas etc.), reviewing building plans to make sure they comply with code, and inspecting buildings. These fees do not include fees for driveways, septic systems and water systems (see below).
Manufactured/Mobile Homes:
     Land-Use and Environmental Review Application Fees:
Fees apply if critical areas are identified on a property -- critical areas require a higher level of review. These fees also apply if you want to divide or consolidate land, build along shorelines, or are required to do a SEPA review.
  • Click Here for a PDF of the fees effective January 1, 2022
  • For a refund request form, click here.
  • Click here for the applications that go along with the fees.
  Hearing Examiner Fee Information:
Fees apply if you are seeking a quasi-judicial proceeding for a land-use case or administrative appeal.
Septic Systems/Water System Supplemental Applications:
Fees apply if you need to build a new onsite septic system or water system. No need to pay if you are served by an already-existing public water system or sewer system.
Encroachment/Grading Supplemental Applications:
Fees apply to all work within the right-of-way (new driveway, utilities, etc.), and for larger-scale clearing and excavating activities.
  Nonresidential (Commercial) Project Fees
Fees that apply to churches, offices, schools, businesses..
  • Click here for an Excel chart (provides estimates only).  For a refund request form, click here.  Note:  Some of the fees are not listed on this Excel chart. For additional fees, please click here.
  • Click here for the impact fee schedule.

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