Gopher Reviews
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Gopher Review - Indicator Soils Maps


You can use County maps to see if a property address or parcel is located on or near gopher soils. These maps provide general information only. These maps do not substitute for a gopher review.

Open a printable map

This gopher soils map (3MB, PDF) is full size at 35” x 54”. The County’s GeoData Department can print it for you for $30, plus tax. Or you may download and print it. Email them at or call (360) 754-4594.

Use an online map

This map works in Internet Explorer and Firefox with pop-ups enabled. It doesn’t work in modern browsers, like Chrome.

  1. Go to

  2. Go to the fish icon and click ‘Natural Resources’ (under the ‘Viewer with Map’ section)
    (Must click to acknowledge disclaimer before the map will open)

  3. Map will open, then enter an address or parcel number.

  4. A pop-up window will open, then click on the parcel number you want to see.

  5. Another pop-up window will open, then click on ‘Zoom Map to Parcel’ (which is at the top of the page under the Parcel Number).

  6. Turn on the gopher soil layer by clicking the BOX labeled ‘Gopher Soils’ under the ‘Natural Resources’ section. Map will change to a light brown color if the property is on a gopher soil. The County screens on Mazama pocket gopher soils or within 300 feet of them.


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