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A Guide for Home Builders

Step 4: Assemble Your Application Package

assemble permit packageNow that you've designed your project, it's time to assemble and submit your application package. The Building Development Center offers a single point of contact so residents don't have to visit different departments personally to get permits. When Thurston County receives your application packet, it routes your paperwork to various enforcing agencies so that you don't have to.

How to Get Started

Please visit our Applications and Forms page to advice on how to assemble your application package.  If you are unsure of the application requirements, please ask. Providing a complete and accurate application package will help Thurston County review your project in a timely manner and make the permitting process simpler for you.  Only complete application packages will be accepted at time of submittal.

Get a Preview of the Review Process

It might help to get a preview of the review process so that you know what type of documentation and questions Thurston County might request as it reviews your application.  Click here to get a preview (but come back!).

What to Expect

When your application package is complete, bring it to the Building Development Center. You must include a check payable to Thurston County to cover the non-refundable building plan review fee for your application.

When you enter the Building Development Center, sign in at the service counter. A permit case manager will be assigned to take in your application. Your case manager will review your application package with you to ensure that all required information has been included. (Note: only complete application packages will be accepted. If any items are missing from your application, you will be required to gather that information and provide it before your application will be processed).

When the application is determined to be complete, your case manager will enter your application into our permit tracking system, assign a project number, and collect the review fee. You will receive a packet of property flagging materials. You should immediately install the flags as directed in the packet to mark your property corners and driveway access point for Thurston County site reviews.


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