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A Guide for Home Builders

Step 3: Design Your Project
Consider Hiring a Professional

Some projects do not require that you hire a professional, but unless you are familiar both with the preparation of plans and with regulations, you should consider hiring a qualified person to assist you with the design and development of your project. These professionals could include architects; landscape architects; building designers; civil, structural, or soils engineers; surveyors; planning consultants; or building contractors. Their services can be very useful in designing a project that will meet both your needs and the County's requirements.

architect with clientOne of the best ways to find these professionals is to ask for suggestions from people who have had similar work done (especially within the area where your property is located) and whose judgment you trust. You can also find them listed in the Yellow Pages and in the classified advertisement sections of most newspapers. We suggest that you choose someone familiar with Thurston County's requirements and that you ask for and check their references, licenses, and insurance coverage.

If your site will require on-site sewage disposal, you will need to contact a certified on-site sewage (septic) system designer (click here for a list from Thurston County Environmental Health). State-licensed engineers with expertise in civil or sanitary engineering and state-registered sanitarians are also qualified to design on-site sewage (septic) systems.

red arrowAlso click here for important advice from the state Department of Labor & Industries (PDF).

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