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Hearing Examiner   

Project 2019100758, Manke Reasonable Use Exception, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

**The Hearing has concluded. Written comment will be accepted until 5:00 pm on April 29th 2020**

Instructions to Join a Virtual Public Hearing

Project Record:

Hearing Audio from 4/28/20 (m4a format)

Hearing Audio from 4/28/20 (mp3 format)

April 28, 2020 Agenda

Hearing Examiner Decision April 28, 2020

Hearing Examiner Decision

October 22, 2019 Agenda

Hearing Audio (.mp3 format)

Exhibits before the Hearing Examiner:

1.     Staff Report including the following attachments:

Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C
Attachment D
Attachment E
Attachment F
Attachment G
Attachment H
Attachment I
Attachment J
Attachment K
Attachment L
Attachment M
Attachment N
Attachment O
Attachment P
Attachment Q
Attachment R
Attachment S
Attachment T
Attachment U
Attachment V
Attachment W
Attachment X
Attachment Y
Attachment Z
Attachment AA
Attachment BB
Attachment CC
Attachment DD
Attachment EE
Attachment FF

2.    Posted site photos

3.    Corrected MDNS

4.    Critical Area Buffer

5.    Septic Design for office sanctuary

6.   Thurston County Code

7.    Aerial Photos

8.    10-21-201- Grette Associates letter

9.    SSite plan with Critical Areas setback

10.  Site plan depiting setbacks from Critical Areas

11.  County response to reconsideration, December 9, 2019

12.  County response from Mark Biever to Reconsideration, December 10, 2019

13.  Applicants response to County, December 11, 2019

14.  Applicants additional critical areas documentation after reopening of the record, January 24, 2020

15.  County memo in response to the Applicants additional documentation, February 3, 2020

16.  Applicants reply to Countys memo February 5, 2020

17.  Request for Reconsideration filed by Applicant November 25, 2019

18.  Legal Notice for April 28, 2020 Reconvened Hearing

Reconsideration Order Reopening the Record, December 23, 2019

Order Reconvening Hearing, February 24, 2020


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