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Master Application
Master Application - MA001 - required for all applications (also see our interactive page)
Additional Property Owners Attachment Page
Supplemental Applications (must be accompanied by master application, above)
Not sure which forms you need? Be sure to visit our applications and forms home page for descriptions, forms and guides. Also check out our FAQs.
Building Supplemental Applications: Planning (Land Use & Enviro. Review)
Residential (form SA001) Administrative Variance (form SA021)
Non-Residential (form SA002) Binding Site Plan (form SA022) -- soon
Non-Residential Hood & Duct (form SA003) Boundary Line Adjustment /Lot Consolidation (form SA023)
Non-Residential Sign (form SA004) Critical Area Review (form SA024)
Manufactured Home Placement (form SA005) (Click here for anchoring verification form. Click here for a family member unit affidavit.) Design Review (form SA025)
Minor Permit (form SA006) (Mechanical/Plumbing/Fire/Re-roof /Re-siding/Demo) Division of Land (form SA026).  To apply for a final map with new legal lot lines, also use SA 026a.
Adult Family Home Inspection (form SA007) Environmental Checklist (SEPA) (form SA027)
Fire Code Permit (form SA008 – SA012) Forest Practice Activities (form SA028) -- soon
Roads/Public Works: Innocent Purchaser (form SA029)
Encroachment Permit (form SA013) Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA) (form SA030)
Construction Permit (form SA014) Legal Lot Determination (form SA031)
Variance (form SA015) Other Administrative Actions (form SA032) -- soon
Scoping Review Request (form SA015a) Presubmission Conference (form SA033)
Access Permit (form SA015b) Reasonable Use Exception (form SA034)
Environmental Health: Release of Moratorium (form SA035) -- soon
On-Site Sewage System (form SA016) Rezone, Comp Plan Amendment, Open Space (form SA036) (include SA 036b if requesting a rezone)
On-Site Sewage System Abandonment (form SA017) Shoreline Administrative Variance (form SA037)
On-Site Sewage Evaluation (form SA018) Site Plan Review (form SA038)
Water System Design (Group B or 2 Party) (form SA019) Special Use Permit (form SA039)
Well Site (form SA020) Variance – Hearing Examiner (form SA040)
Certificate of Water Availability -single/two-party Other:
Certificate of Water Availability - public water system Refund Request Form
Operational Certificate/Loan Certificate Structures Built Prior to Permit Guide
Wet Season Study Converting a Garage to Residential Use Guide
Click here for appeal forms.  
Information Bulletins and Guides
The Building Development Center provides dozens of guides to help citizens through the permitting process.  These guides can be found alongside the applications they describe. 

  • For residential application guides, click here.
  • For manufactured home guides, click here.
  • For non-residential (commercial) guides, click here.
  • For septic system/water system guides, click here.
  • For grading,drainage, filling and excavation guides, click here.
  • For land-use guides (plats, subdivisions, boundary line adjustments, etc...) click here.

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