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Thurston County Activities Related to Climate Change

Courthouse Complex Lighting Retrofit

This page provides an overview of the Courthouse Complex Lighting Retrofit effort, the fourth element of Thurston County's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy. This element calls for replacing lighting in four buildings of the Thurston County Courthouse. (Also see the Capital Improvement Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Program.)


Thurston County is performing an investment grade energy efficiency audit of Thurston County buildings as part of a broader building retrofit program. Preliminary findings suggest that replacing the lighting systems within the county courthouse complex will result in significant energy savings.

Under this project, Thurston County will hire a contractor to replace lighting systems in four county buildings within the county's courthouse complex on Lakeridge Drive S.W. in Olympia.

This project is scheduled to be take place in fall 2010 to winter 2011, with funding from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. The block grant program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is administered by the U.S. Department of Energy.


fluorescent tubesObjectives of the Courthouse Complex Lighting Retrofit effort are to:

  • Reduce green house gas emissions from county government operations.
  • Reduce annual energy costs by $15,147.
  • Reduce annual energy consumption by 270,000 kWH
  • Lead by example within the greater Thurston region.


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