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Thurston County Activities Related to Climate Change

Climate and Sustainability Program

The Thurston County Climate and Sustainability Program is made possible by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant awarded to Thurston County. The grant program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is administered by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Climate and Sustainability Program is an element of the Thurston County's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, which calls on the county to develop a comprehensive Climate Action Plan in two phases:

Phase 1: Government Operations

  • Conduct a thorough greenhouse gas inventory of all Thurston County government operations
  • Create plans, policy changes and goals using the findings of the greenhouse gas inventory

Phase 2: Regional Sustainability

  • Conduct a greenhouse gas inventory of all emissions within Thurston County
  • Create regional plans, policy changes and goals to reduce the region’s greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for projected future climate change scenarios

See the Climate and Sustainability work plan for a more specific description of goals, objectives and timelines.

Status of Phase 1: Government Operations

  • Thurston County is member of The Climate Registry. Through The Climate Registry the county can assure greenhouse gas measurement is done in a manner that is accurate, transparent and verifiable.
  • The greenhouse gas inventory of county government operations has been completed.
  • Staff identified initial cost-effective projects and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create energy savings.
  • Both the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners have been briefed and continue to be updated about greenhouse gas emissions and proposed mitigation strategies.
  • The Board of County Commissioners have passed a resolution outlining Thurston County’s Pathway to Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Building and lighting retrofits have begun in accordance with Element #1 and Element #4 of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy.
  • Primary objectives of this phase are now complete – ongoing projects outlined in staff plans and the Pathway to Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions will continue to be carried out by staff.

Status of Phase 2: Regional Sustainability

  • Regional inventory of Thurston County’s greenhouse gas emissions. *in progress*
  • Create a Climate Advisory Committee to identify recommended amendments to county policy that reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions through changes in land-use, transportation and natural resource management. *in progress*

Next Steps:

  • Brief the Planning Commissions and Board of County Commissioners on results of the regional greenhouse gas inventory and recommended policy amendments
  • Communicate findings of greenhouse gas inventory and Climate Advisory Committee to stakeholders and Thurston County residents
  • Synchronize and integrate county activities with existing community efforts

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