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Green Building Stakeholders Group Documents and Resources

About the Green Building Stakeholders Group

image of green buildingA 15-member Green Building Stakeholder Group from the private sector (including developers, architects, engineers, affordable housing developers and green building advocates) is participating in a series of meetings and workshops. The stakeholders group is comprised of subject matter experts within the local green development building industry. The intent and purpose of the stakeholders group is to find and eliminate the barriers within existing county code to energy efficiency and green development. Also, to draft energy efficiency code that seeks the greatest possible reduction in green house gases and promotes sustainable development.

Documents and Resources

August 4, 2010 Meeting

July 7, 2010 Meeting

June 2, 2010 Meeting

May 4, 2010 Meeting

April 4, 2010 Meeting

March 3, 2010 Meeting

February 3, 2010 Meeting


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