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Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

2010-2011 Proposed Comp Plan Amendments (Docket)

2012 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Complete

On January 8, 2013, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 14845 and Ordinance No. 14846 which completed the following proposed amendments on the 2010-11 Official Docket:

  • City of Olympia French Road and Chambers Basin UGA Resizing and Land Use Analysis
  • Public Health and Social Services Chapter
  • Thurston County Parks and Recreation Element
  • Long-Term Agricultural Lands Designation Reconsideration

Other amendments on the docket including the critical areas ordinance, impact fee analysis, and climate change were completed without needing to amend the Comprehensive Plan.

The other amendments were not completed, or placed on the 2013-14 preliminary docket.

2010-2011 Comprehensive Plan Docket

At the beginning of each year, staff prepares a list of proposed amendments for the Board of County Commissioners. The Board analyzes the merits of proposed amendments based on state mandates, county priorities, joint planning, and public comment.

The 2010-11 Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments was approved on September 28, 2010 by the Board of County Commissioners.  The target completion date is June 2011 instead of December 2010.  (Commissioners take action on the Comprehensive Plan Docket the following year after it is approved.  Click here for an explanation.) 

How The Docket is Organized - Three Sections

The Comprehensive Plan Docket is separated into three sections: 1) General Plan Amendments; 2) Inter-Jurisdictional Amendments; and 3) Site Specific Citizen-Initiated Amendments. For more information such as staff reports, maps and public comments on specific projects listed under each section, please click on the project title below.

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Section 1: General Plan Amendments

General plan amendments and projects are mandated by the state to comply with the Growth Management Act or Shorelines Management Act. These projects are grant funded, or have been accounted for in the Planning Department's budget. Some inter-jurisdictional projects may be included on this list.

1.   Critical Areas Ordinance Update

2.   Shoreline Master Plan Update

3.   Grand Mound Subarea Plan Update

4.   Transfer of Development Rights Program

5.   Impact Fee Analysis

6.   Capital Facilities Plan Update 2011-2016

7.   Urban Forests Ordinance

8.   Thurston County Parks and Recreation Plan

9.   Climate Change

10.  Cluster Development and Rural Zoning Project

11.  Long-Term Agricultural Lands Designation Reconsideration (Weyerhauser, Lewin, Schader Crown Ranch)

12.  Comprehensive Plan Amendment Methods and Public Participation

13.  Public Health and Social Services Chapter

14.  Watershed Science to Local Policy Implementation

15.  Ken Lake Moratorium

Section 2: Inter-Jurisdictional Amendments

15.  City of Olympia French Road and Chambers Basin UGA Resizing and Land Use Analysis
       Contact below for more information.

16.  Yelm Population Update

Section 3: Site Specific Citizen-Initiated Amendments

17.  Wilmovsky - Grand Mound Subarea Plan

18.  MC Construction - City of Lacey and Thurston County Land Use Plan for the Lacey Urban Growth Area

19.  Venture Acquisitions - Tumwater/Thurston County Joint Plan

20.  Medela - Comprehensive Plan for the City of Olympia and Joint Plan with Thurston County

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