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Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

2013-2014 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Complete

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

On May 20, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 14845 and Ordinance No. 14846 which amended the comprehensive plan, development code, and official zoning map for the following amendments:

The following amendment was denied by the Board of County Commissioners:

2013-2014 Comprehensive Plan DocketComprehensive Plan Docket 2013-2014

At the beginning of each year, staff prepares a list of proposed amendments for the Board of County Commissioners. The Board analyzes the merits of proposed amendments based on state mandates, county priorities, joint planning, and public comment.

The 2013-14 Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments was approved on July 9, 2013 by the Board of County Commissioners. This official docket is a multi-year docket, which may be amended.

How The Docket is Organized

The Comprehensive Plan Docket will be separated into three sections. For more information on proposed preliminary docket items please click on the project title:


General plan amendments and projects mandated by the state to comply with the Growth Management Act, Shorelines Management Act for are part of a grant the County has received. Some inter-jurisdictional projects may be included on this list.

  1. Shoreline Master Plan Update
  2. Grand Mound Subarea Plan Update
  3. Capital Facilities Plan Update 2013-2019
  4. Comprehensive Plan Amendment Methods and Public Participation  (Link coming soon)
  5. Transfer of Development Rights Program
  6. Habitat Conservation Plan
  7. Watershed Science to Local Policy Implementation
  1. City of Tumwater Land Use Plan and Text Amendment
  2. City of Olympia Ken Lake UGA Resizing and Land Use Analysis
  3. City of Olympia Comprehensive Plan 2016 Update
  4. City of Rainier UGA Resizing and Land Use Plan Amendment

 Site-specific amendments that are fee based. The costs associated with these amendments would be borne by the applicant. Amendments in joint planning areas should only be considered if they are also on the respective jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan amendment docket.

  1.  Wilmovsky – Grand Mound Subarea Plan
  2. Miller – Grand Mound Subarea Plan
  3. Steelhammer Family Trust – Grand Mound Subarea Plan
  4. Fire District 14 – Grand Mound Subarea Plan
  5. Lakeside Industries – Nisqually Subarea Plan
  6. Flory – Thurston County Land Use Plan (Rural Area)
  7. North Thurston School District – Joint Plan with the City of Lacey
  8. The Evergreen State College – Thurston County Land Use Plan (Rural Area) and Zoning Ordinance
  9. Medela – Comprehensive Plan for the City of Olympia and Joint Plan with Thurston County


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