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2012-2013 Proposed Comp Plan Amendments

Preliminary Docket Citizen Initiated Site-Specific Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Site-specific amendments that are fee based. Planning has not dedicated any staffing resources to these amendments due to the size of the work load associated with other amendments. The costs associated with these amendments would be borne by the applicant. Amendments in joint planning areas should only be considered if they are also on the respective jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan amendment docket.

#8 City of Tumwater Joint Plan

A request by the City of Tumwater to amend the Tumwater/Thurston County Joint Plan to change the land use and zoning for property generally located northeast of the intersection of Prine Rd. SW and Littlerock Rd. SW from Commercial District to Mixed Use. The City of Tumwater has already adopted the proposed amendment.


#9 Ken Lake Land Use Plan Analysis

For more information, please click here.


#10 City of Olympia 7-Year Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Olympia is currently updating their Comprehensive Plan. Following adoption by the City of Olympia, the plan will be brought to the County for review. Please see the City of Olympia’s website for more information on the plan update.


#11 City of Rainier Joint Plan

A request by the City of Rainier to adjust the Urban Growth Area boundary to include a recently constructed fire station for Fire District #14 located at 12506 133rd Avenue SE.



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