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2017/2018 Official Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket
Item 11

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Nisqually Subarea Plan Asphalt Recycling Policy E.5 Review Project

The County received an application from Lakeside Industries, Inc. requesting an amendment to policy E.5 of the Nisqually Subarea Plan. The request proposes to change policy E.5 to remove the prohibition on asphalt pavement recycling, as an accessory use, inside the mined out portion of any gravel pit(s) within the Nisqually Subarea. The County began a project in 2017 to review the proposed policy change. View the printable Information Sheet for a brief project summary.

Fast Facts:

  • No decisions regarding individual site permit applications will be made under this project.
  • Anyone can submit an application to amend a County policy during the County’s Comprehensive Plan amendment docketing process, which occurs annually (there is an application fee that may vary annually.)
  • “Accessory use” means not the main activity happening on a site, but rather a smaller yet still related activity, in this policy context.
  • The current Policy E.5 language was adopted in 1992 and cites water quality concerns as the basis for the existing prohibition.
  • The Nisqually Subarea is home to two of the oldest gravel mines in Washington State.
  • There is currently one asphalt plant in the Nisqually Subarea. It is located within the Holroyd mine site. This plant has been operated by Lakeside Industries, INC. for more than ten years.

What’s New?

As part of the County’s review work, a consulting firm has been hired: Herrera Environmental Consultants, INC., to complete an independent analysis of the potential environmental & public health implications of the proposed policy amendment. This work is underway, for more information click here.

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