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Why Action is Taken on a Comprehensive Plan Docket the Following Year

You might wonder why we work to complete a docket the year after it is approved. Well, that’s actually intentional. Our experience with processing a Comprehensive Plan Docket suggests that trying to complete the docket in the months of November and December probably doesn’t serve the public interest very well. November and December in the Pacific Northwest is typically cold, wet, dark and filled with holidays. Thurston County residents seem to focus their attention on getting home in one piece and spending time with their families. Additionally, these are the months when the Board of County Commissioners are deeply involved in setting the County’s annual budget, so they are very focused on matters of finance.

To accommodate these seasonal realities, Thurston County moved its annual docketing cycle to begin and end in the spring. Hopefully this move will allow for safer traveling to and from public meetings, greater attendance by Thurston County citizens and time for well thought deliberations by the Board of County Commissioners. 

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