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Critical Areas Update

Adopted Ordinance

On July 24, 2012, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. 14773 amending the Thurston County Critical Areas Ordinance and other related chapters of the Thurston County Code.

Complete Ordinance No. 14773 (unsigned)

Below are individual sections of the Critical Areas Ordinance update.

Attachment A: Best Available Science and Information List
Attachment B: Title 24 – Thurston County Critical Areas Ordinance:

Chapter 24.01 – General Provisions
Chapter 24.03 – Definitions
Chapter 24.05 – Administrative Procedures
Chapter 24.10 – Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas
Chapter 24.15 – Geologic Hazard Areas
Chapter 24.16 – Seismic Hazard Area
Chapter 24.17 – Volcanic Hazard Area
Chapter 24.18 – Mine Hazard Area
Chapter 24.20 – Frequently Flooded Areas
Chapter 24.25 – Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas
Chapter 24.30 – Wetlands
Chapter 24.35 – Special Reports
Chapter 24.40 – Critical Area Review Permit
Chapter 24.45 – Reasonable Use Exception
Chapter 24.50 – Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots
Chapter 24.55 – Subdivision in Critical Areas
Chapter 24.60 – Critical Area Signs and Fencing
Chapter 24.65 – Critical Area Tracts and Delineations
Chapter 24.70 – Surety Agreements and Bonds
Chapter 24.90 – Emergency Authorization   (Update coming soon)
Chapter 24.91 – Amendments
Chapter 24.92 – Enforcement, Violations, and Penalties

Attachment C: Chapter 17.15 – Agricultural Uses and Lands Critical Areas Ordinance
Attachment D: Chapter 17.30 – Noxious Weed Containment
Attachment E: Chapter 20.30C – Summit Lake Overlay Zone
Attachment F: Thurston County Zoning Ordinance (Title 20) Variety of Rural Residential Density Amendments
Attachment G: Zoning Ordinance for the Lacey Urban Growth Area Density Amendments (Title 21)
Attachment H: Olympia UGA Zoning Ordinance Density Amendment (Title 23)
Attachment I: Thurston County Code Reference Changes

Public Hearing Documents

The Board of County Commissioners held its public hearing on the Critical Areas Ordinance on June 23, 2012.

 Click here to read a summary of written public testimony and staff responses.

 Written comments received for public hearing:

Written Comments (1 of 4)
Written Comments (2 of 4)
Written Comments (3 of 4)
Written Comments (4 of 4)

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