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Thurston County GeoData Web Site

Geodata logoThurston County’s GeoData Web site at www.geodata.org provides a wealth of information about land parcels, including zoning, critical areas, watershed boundaries -- even school districts. While the maps are not 100 percent accurate for every parcel, they provide comprehensive information for residents  interested in learning more about their land and how it's designated.

The Thurston County Planning Department does not maintain the GeoData website; however, here are some tips you can use to get started on the site:

  • Go to www.geodata.org and select "parcel search."
  • Acknowledge the disclaimer.
  • Enter your house number only, such as “2709” (the street name is not required), and click “go.” (Hint: Adding your street name can be problematic, because the Web site is sensitive to punctuation.)
  • Scroll until you find your address, then click on the parcel number to see details.
  • Read down the page to see information about your property, or click “zoom map to parcel” at the top of the same
    page to see a map. Click the square and the circle next to the feature you want to see on the map, and click “refresh.” (Hint: To understand color-coding on zoning maps, click “legend” at the top of the page.)

For technical assistance, see the GeoData Frequently Asked Questions page.

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