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Grand Mound and Rochester Subarea Plans

The Grand Mound and Rochester communities are located approximately 15 miles southwest of the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater metropolitan area off Interstate 5 and SR 12. This south county region is primarily composed of rural farmlands and low density residential development with some commercial and industrial use.

Subarea Plans were developed for Rochester and Grand Mound in 1996. The area is currently experiencing a surge of economic growth and development, and a continuing increase in population. In order to guide future growth and development in this region, the County is currently updating its Subarea plans. The goal is to ensure these plans reflect the community’s vision and goals for the future of Grand Mound and Rochester.

What is a Subarea plan?

Subarea Plans are long range plans dedicated to achieving the community’s vision and goals for a specific area of the County. Subarea Plans must align with the County’s over-arching land-use policies in the Comprehensive Plan but they may include more detailed analysis and policies to address the unique characteristics of a specific area.Grand Mound Rochester map

Current Subarea plans

What is the Grand Mound Urban Growth Area?

Grand Mound was established as an Urban Growth Area (UGA) in 1995. A UGA is a regionally designated boundary within which higher density and more intensive land uses associated with urban development are concentrated. UGAs are planned to accommodate population growth expected over the next 20 years, in order to curb sprawling development and protect the traditional character and economy of rural areas. Areas outside of UGA boundaries are considered more suitable for rural development that is not dependent on urban services.


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