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 Chehalis Watershed Cooperative

The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation, Grays Harbor County and Thurston County formed the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative in April 2011.

The purpose of the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative is to reduce flood damage within the Chehalis River Basin Boundaries. The benefits of the Cooperative include:

  • Coordinated and cooperative efforts in conducting scientific, hydrologic and hydraulic studies to:
    • determine and predict the sources, characteristics, behavior and forces of flood waters in the watershed and,
    • define the relationship between jurisdictional land use practices and flooding;
  • Planning for and updates to the Flood Hazard Management Plan, including the integration of local land use and floodplain plans and recommendations for jurisdictional floodplain management and regulation;
  • Developing a Capital Improvement and Program Plan that serves the needs of the Cooperative which may result in purchasing land, constructing, operating and maintaining flood mitigation measures, and establishing facilities to prevent or minimize flood damage and restore ecosystems;
  • Entering into agreements with Members or other jurisdictions, private agencies, the State, and/or with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to promote efficiency, undertake comprehensive basin-wide approaches to flood management and minimize damages caused by flooding or conditions that could lead to flooding, including providing for a local sponsor for a water resource project or projects within the Boundaries of the Chehalis River Basin;
  • Coordinating and planning cooperatively with other regional or local water utilities and water resource agencies to integrate flood management with water resource management in the Chehalis River Basin, the State and the larger Northwest region; and
  • Carry out or advance other flood management, ecosystem restoration and water resource purposes.

On May 23rd the Board of the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative voted to dissolve the Cooperative effective May 23, 2013.

Click here for the Interlocal Agreement   (PDF 1.1MB)

Click here for the Resolution #14447 regarding the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative.


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