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Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan - Public Outreach

parkUpdating the Parks and Recreation Services Comprehensive Plan will take approximately two years beginning in 2010. The Thurston County Planning Department will work jointly with residents, county departments and other jurisdictions to develop an updated plan that meets the needs and vision of our Thurston County community.

Public Involvement Components

  • Staffing: Staff from the Planning Department, Public Works and the Resource Stewardship Department will coordinate with other agencies, stakeholders, and the public in developing the plan. This will include attending Parks Board meetings and Thurston County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners work sessions and hearings. Staff will disseminate information to the public, solicit input, and communicate how comments are considered and addressed. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff in the Planning Department will produce maps for the plan.
  • Interested parties mailing list: The mailing list for the plan update is one of the most important public involvement pieces because it allows Thurston County to directly contact individuals and groups with a known or potential interest in Thurston County parks. If you wish to be included in this list, please click here.
  • Website: The Planning Department website has proven to be highly effective and efficient in disseminating information during previous planning efforts. Draft plan materials and supplementary information will also be published on the website. The web site will encourage review of and written comment on the draft, provide information and updates about meetings and other aspects of the public involvement and adoption process, and provide staff contact information.
  • Parks Board: The Thurston County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is an advisory committee to the Board of County Commissioners and represents a variety of volunteer community members.  The Parks Board will meet with staff to drive development of the plan.
  • Public hearings: At least one hearing before the Planning Commission and one before the Board of County Commissioners is required prior to adoption. A news release will publicize the hearings and legal notices will be published in the newspaper.  After each hearing is concluded, staff will prepare written responses to issues raised. The draft Parks Comprehensive Plan update will be amended as appropriate based upon direction of appointed and elected officials, and adopted by ordinance.
  • Public record: All public processes will be documented in the record, which will be made available to the Parks Board, Planning Commission, and Board of County Commissioners. Written comments will be included in hard copy and summarized with staff responses and recommendations, and a record of any resulting revisions to the plan documents.

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