Road Maintenance & Traffic Safety

Public Works operates and maintains over 1,035 miles of county roadway and tens of thousands of traffic control system devices. Roadway maintenance includes asphalt repairs often seen during the sunny months, roadway mowing to improve line-of-site for drivers, and drainage system improvements to prevent flooding. Traffic control system maintenance includes installing or fixing traffic signs, street lights, and traffic signals. To ensure safety and the improved traffic conditions, Public Works also performs traffic studies, revises speed limits as necessary, and implements traffic calming in residential neighborhoods.

 Traffic restrictions and construction projects

Please drive safely in construction zones and give crews a brake—they are working to provide you with better and safer roads.

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 Report an issue

Let us know if there’s an issue affecting traffic . This includes, but not limited to:

  •    downed trees or tree limbs, or hazardous vegetation
  •  damaged sidewalks
  •   potholes or other roadway damage
  •   flooded streets
  •   objects or debris on the roadway or in the bike lane
  •  deceased deer or elk (we do not pick up small or domesticated animals)
  •  abandoned vehicles
  •   excessive litter
  •   downed traffic signs (except stop signs, you must call to report those)
  •   Traffic signal outage
  Need to report a non-functioning traffic signal or damaged or missing stop sign? Call 360-867-2300 during regular business hours, or 360-704-2740 after hours or on a weekend.

 Seasonal Road Work

Paved roads make up the largest part of Thurston County’s Transportation system. During Spring and Summer months, Public Works completes pavement preservation projects designed to help maintain the investment Thurston County has made in its roads.

Learn more about pavement preservation 

Vegetation & Drainage Maintenance

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, crews work to keep roads clear of growing plants and grass. Managing vegetation helps improve line-of-site for drivers and keeps roads free of debris. Crews also clean and improve the county roads drainage system during to help prevent flooding later in the year.

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During seasonal road work, drivers can expect single lane closures, heavy loud equipment and occasional traffic delays along road that are being worked on.

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 Seasonal travel information

Public Works operates 24/7 to provide emergency support during fire, flooding, and icy seasons.

 Fire: Watch for road closures in fire prone areas. Do your part to prevent fires. Do not throw burning material from a car window or onto the ground. Don't leave fires unattended.

 Flooding: Do not attempt to drive on a flooded street. The water can be deeper or moving faster than you anticipate. Also, it is dangerous and illegal to drive around a “road closed” sign. Fines are greater than $400.

 Deicing: Though Public Works crews mitigate icy road conditions by spraying anti-icing solution to roadways, it is still important to slow down and drive carefully to avoid loss of traction and traffic collisions.

  Road Priority map: Roads are responded to in a prioritized order, with arterials, major collectors, and routes to emergency locations first. Click here to view the map .


 Speed limit information

Speed Limit Revisions

To request speed limit revision in your area, you’ll need to fill out a service request . Staff will then contact you for further detail. The final decision to change a speed limit is set by the Board of County Commissioners. Note: speed limits in school zones and residential areas are set by county code and cannot be changed.

  How speed limits are set.

Wheeled ATVs on County roads

Persuant to RCW 46.09.455, the Board of County Commissioners passed an ordinance allowing for the travel of wheeled ATVs (WATV) on county roads with maximum speed limt of 35 MPH, by licensed drivers over the age of 16. You can find the roads HERE .

 Neighborhood traffic concerns

For speeding issues—(traffic calming, neighborhood speed watch program), or Parking issues—(blocking fire lanes, site distance, sign visibility) submit an online service request .
Traffic Calming Program
Nighborhood Speed Watch Program
Public Works ADA Program
For information about the Safe Routes to Schools program, contact us   via our comment form.

 Road Striping

Paint trucks need to drive slowly to get the right amount of paint on our roads. If you are behind a paint truck, DO NOT PASS—you risk getting paint on your car and removing the glass beads that make the paint reflective at night. If the paint looks bright, stay off the lines.

Striping info: May-Sept. +/-1,000 miles a year painted. Main roads once a year, local access roads every 3-4 years.

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 Road signs

The Traffic Safety division maintains over 15,000 street, speed limit, informational, and other signs along the right-of-way in our county. We also have memorial, and historic road signs.
Use the links below to find more information about these programs, or request contact using our online request form.