Water & Sewer Utilities

The Governor’s Proclamation prohibiting late fees and shut-offs due to the COVID-19 public health emergency expired as of September 30, 2021. As a result, TC Utilities resumed these activities as of December 1, 2021. A reminder on our policies as required by ordinance:

Late fees - All accounts that are unpaid after the bill due date are assessed 0.67% interest (8% annually) and 10% penalty on the total balance owed, as allowed by RCW 36.94.150.

Shut-offs - Water service disconnection will result from failure to pay any past due amount by the specified date and time indicated on the mailed delinquent notice.

If you are unable to pay your past due balance in full, contact us to request a payment plan. A payment plan will help reduce late fees and keep your water on..

Utilities payment assistance due to COVID-19 impacts is available through the Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason & Thurston Counties :

Other organizations that can help with payment assistance, including assistance not related to COVID-19 impacts include :

    - Evergreen Christian Church, Evergreen Community Care: 360-352-3410
  • - Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Emergency Utility Assistance: 360-923-0929
  • - St. Vincent de Paul, Emergency Utility Assistance: 360-352-7554
  • - Salvation Army, Rochester Organization Of Families (ROOF): 360-273-6375
  • - Washington Department of Health and Human Services: 877-501-2233

Thurston County Public Works supplies drinking water and sewer services for approximately 800 county residents. These services are only available in the following neighborhoods:

  • - Tamoshan
  • - Boston Harbor
  • - Grand Mound
  • - Olympic View (*only wastewater services in this neighborhood)

Paying in person?
You now have two options! Deliver your payment in person, or drop it off in the secure drop-box outside at our offices on Tilley Road during regular business hours.

  • For questions related to your bill, water usage, temporary water shut-off requests, or to establish or change service, call 360-867-2312.
  • For water leaks, water pressure issues, sewer issues, or STEP tank alarms, call 360-867-2288.
  • For after hours water & sewer emergencies, call 1-800-926-7761.