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Corrections Bureau - Correctional Options Programs


All Correctional Options Programs require offenders to sign a contract to agree to specific program conditions of supervision as well as to comply with any additional court ordered stipulations. Any violation of these conditions may result in a disciplinary infraction and administrative hearing or a non-compliance hearing by the court of jurisdiction and a return to secure confinement.

Electronic Home Monitoring Program /EHM (Non-Bed Program)

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) is a court ordered minimum-security home incarceration program. EHM is unique in that the inmate is monitored at their residence via GPS Global Positioning System or in some rare cases via their telephone. The program monitors the offender through an active system using an electronic transmitter attached to the telephone and a radio frequency device worn on the participant’s ankle. This program is operated via a collaborative relationship with an approved electronic monitoring vendor service with program management conducted by sworn correction staff. The VICAP alcohol detecting system can also be incorporated into the program. EHM helps reduce facility crowding and allows the participant freedom of movement during specified periods to attend work, school, treatment, etc. Costs: $23 daily/$161 weekly with UA.     (Top of Page)

Day Reporting Offender Program /DR (Non-Bed Program)

The Day Reporting Program is a court ordered program where participants live at their assigned residence and report in with Correctional Options staff as directed with respect to their schedules and requests of the court. Typically one AM and one PM check-in is required. Participants are monitored for their compliance with program rules and court ordered conditions of release supervision. Costs: $6 daily/$42 weekly with UA.     (Top of Page)

Day Jail Program/DJ (Non-Bed Program)

The Day Jail/Work Crew program is a program of partial confinement whereby the courts have an option of sentencing selected offenders to community service programs that are coordinated and supervised by Thurston County Corrections Facility staff and in combination with the Community Betterment/Outside Detail Program. Participants are allowed to serve all or part of their sentence in a structured program while remaining accountable for their offense(s) by performing specific supervised community service labor functions during daylight hours but allowing them to return home at night.     (Top of Page)

Work Release Program/WR (In-Custody/Bed Program)

Work Release is a court ordered program of partial confinement designed to re-introduce inmates into society and allow them to become a positive member of the community by regaining and/or maintaining employment and attending treatment or school programs as directed by the court. Work Release also helps reduce overcrowding in the Corrections Facility by housing them in a low cost modular constructed housing unit/Correctional Options Annex. Costs: $18 daily/$126 weekly with UA.     (Top of Page)

Community Betterment/Outside Detail Inmate Workers

The Thurston County Corrections Facility Community Betterment/Outside Inmate Worker Program is offered to selected minimum security inmates who meet the established criteria for working in the community on various public entity and non-profit organization projects. Eligible participants are supervised by corrections staff or other county department or non-profit entity staff who receive specialized training, background clearance and must be First Aid and CPR certified prior to supervising offenders. The Community Betterment Program annually provides thousands of hours of inmate labor services to Thurston County Fairgrounds, Lakefair, Public Works, Litter Detail, Facilities and many other Departments and non-profit entities.     (Top of Page)