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Corrections Bureau - Professional Visitation


Professional VisitationThe Thurston County Corrections Facility allows attorneys to meet with inmates in a manner that maintains safety, security, good order, and meets legal requirements. Professional visitors and inmates must comply with visiting rules. Visiting information for friends and family members can be found on the Visitation page.

Please review our procedures for contraband control and dress on the Visitation page.  Corrections lobby staff will end or deny a visit for that day if the visitor or inmate violates any rule or directive.

Professional visitors will be required to show photo identification. All attorneys will need their bar card and photo identification.

Professional Visiting Hours

The attorney representing an inmate in a criminal or civil matter should visit during normal lobby hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 11:45 and 1:00 - 4:45, Tuesday evenings 6:00 PM-8:00 PM excluding weekends and holidays). Staff members will work with attorney visitors to meet visiting needs on a case-by-case basis. If an attorney who is not representing a defendant wishes to visit an inmate unrelated to a criminal or civil matter, the rules for social visiting will apply. Inmates are not required to visit.

Representatives of Attorneys

Legal assistants, investigators, interpreters, polygraphers, and others who visit inmates on behalf of the inmate’s attorney must have written authorization from a court or the attorney representing the inmate in a criminal or civil matter. Authorizations from the attorney must be on the attorney or law firm’s letterhead. The authorization must be presented for each visit. In addition a pre-clearance application must be submitted and processed prior to any access. Please plan on a week in advance to gain approval/clearance. Click here for the Corrections Facility Visitor Agreement. If a representative does not provide the required authorization, the rules for social visiting will apply.

Allowable Items for Professional Visits

Corrections staff will allow professional visitors to take in only those items needed for the purpose of the visit.

Passing Legal Documents

Attorney visitors may deliver legal documents and request signatures from inmates.  Please show Corrections staff any items you would like to give to the inmate.

Contact Visitors Are Subject to Search

Corrections staff will closely inspect all personal belongings that a visitor needs to take with them on a visit. In addition, visitors will be required to successfully pass through a metal detector. If a visitor declines the search or cannot / will not go through the metal detector, the rules for social visiting will apply.