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Corrections Bureau - Visitation Information

In-Person Visitation

Hello VisitorsAll visitation is conducted by video. Video stations are located in the Options Program building.
Click here for a map and directions.

Please note: Visits must be scheduled and defendants must accept the visit. This can take several hours. Visitation is not instant.

  • All visitors MUST present current, valid picture identification.  Acceptable forms of identification will be a State Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card, Military Identification Card, or Passport containing a photograph. Temporary identification will only be accepted if it is accompanied by an additional piece of valid picture identification. All visitors under (18) years of age must use video visitation from home or other offsite location.
  • An inmate must be released from custody for fourteen (14) days before they will be allowed to visit any inmate(s).
  • A visitor will be denied visitation if they have been drinking or smell of intoxicants prior to entry to the facility.
  • The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Corrections facilities and County property are smoke-free. This includes the entrance to the Correctional Options building.
  • Loud and disruptive behavior and/or giving false information will not be tolerated and may result in denial or termination of a visit.
  • There will be no minors allowed in the Correctional Options Facility. No one under the age of eighteen (18) will be left unsupervised outside the Corrections facility.
  • No food or drink will be allowed inside the facility.
  • No weapons or items that may be construed as or utilized as weapons will be allowed in the facility.  The presence of such items may result in criminal charges being filed.
  • Cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices are prohibited and may be confiscated.
  • No headgear such as hats, bandanas, etc., will be worn in the facility.
  • Proper attire will be required for all visitors. Clothing such as tank tops or sleeveless shirts, shirts that expose the stomach, short shorts, low cut blouses, see through clothing, sleepwear, etc., will not be permitted. Visitors must wear shoes.

Visitation will be conducted from 9:00am until 9:00pm, 7 days a week.

Visitation in the Options Program Building is unavailable between 11:30am and 1:00pm and between 4:30pm and 6pm, however offsite or remote visitation is still available.

Be advised that your visiting period will be limited to thirty (30) minutes if there are other visits scheduled. If no other visits are scheduled and the visitor or inmate they are visiting wishes to incur the cost, additional time may be allowed.

Video Visitation On SiteVideo Visitation Station

Each inmate is allowed 60 minutes of free visitation per week. These free access video visits are conducted at the Thurston County Options building located next to the Thurston County Corrections Facility, at 3013 Ferguson Lane Tumwater Washington.

Note: No persons under the age of 18 years will be allowed access to onsite video visitation. All parties wishing to enter the video area are subject to search. Any violation of facility rules such as inappropriate behavior or contraband violations will terminate your visit and you may be subject to criminal action under Washington state law.

All visits must be scheduled in advance by you or the inmate. It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform you of his or her classification and visit availability. Not all inmates are available all the time.

Personal items are not allowed in the visitation area. It is strongly suggested that you limit what you have and leave items in a locked vehicle. Limited storage is available in small lockers located directly outside the Options building at no charge and is subject to availability. Corrections staff will not hold or store personal items.

Electronic devices to include, games, tablets, cellular phones, I-Pods, etc. will not be allowed within the facility.

Appropriate clothing must be worn when entering the visitation area. Corrections staff reserve the right to terminate or deny visitation at anytime. For more information on visitation rules and what items you can bring, see the Visitation Rules at the top of this page.

Video Visitation from Home

Click here for the Visitation Information handout.

Visitors need to set up an account with Telmate in order to visit or deposit funds on inmate accounts. Accounts can be set up by accessing Telmate on the Internet.  A photo I.D. and an email address or phone number is required.

The person who schedules the video visit, whether it is the inmate or the visitor, will be the party charged for the visit.  People may deposit money for inmates using the Telmate kiosks or website. Please visit Telmate’s website for current visitation pricing,

Inmates are allowed an unlimited number of video visits per week during video visitation hours.  All video visits will be monitored for compliance with facility rules.

Video visitation hours are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, 7 days a week, and Holidays. Visitation is unavailable between Noon and 1:00pm and between 5pm and 6pm.

Note: It is the inmate’s responsibility to ensure he/she is available for visitation and to communicate those times to you. Some classifications are restricted to specific hours of visitation.

What you will need to visit from home:

Telmate provides assistance with this process 24 hours a day by calling (866) 516-0115.