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Community Outreach - Gang Enforcement

Gang activity in Thurston County has been a growing problem for the last couple of years.

Recognizing this, local law enforcement agencies formed a working group to discuss information and what enforcement activities could be done in a cooperative manner.

Two federal grants were applied for and obtained. The result is the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Gang Enforcement Project. This project’s purpose is to investigate, prevent, and impact illegal street gang activity within the unincorporated areas of the county in cooperation with local police departments, schools, and youth violence prevention groups such as Together.

For more information on our efforts please click on the Thurston County Gang Awareness Presentation and the Gang Activities Reports links.

Thurston County Gang Awareness Presentation

Together we can make this a community with "Zero Tolerance". Information such as:

  • What is a Gang?

  • Girls and Gangs

  • Gang Structure

  • Gang Attire

  • Gang Signs

  • Warning Signs

  • Make-Up of Different Gangs

  • Prevention Tips

Sheriff's Office Gang Activity Reports