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Community Outreach - Links to Resources

Crime Prevention Resources

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National Crime Prevention Council

Contact Information: or 800-NCPC-911 (800-627-2911)

Articles on emerging crime prevention topics
Publications about crime prevention
Free downloads of brochures on various topics
Visit for fun activities for kids plus child safety info.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Contact Information: or 866-476-2338

Information on keeping kids safe
Free documents regarding child safety

Stop Cyberbullying

Contact Information:

Information on Dr. Keenan's guide to dealing with Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse

Contact Information:

Information on cyberbullying and how to prevent it
Games and interactive tools for learning and communicating

Internet Safety for Young Students

Contact Information:

Brief overview of the nature and types of Internet dangers
Further resources

Make a Difference for Kids

Contact Information:

Highly interactive, with compelling stories of actual incidents
Resources for education and prevention of Internet stalking, cyberbullying, etc.

Be Smart, Be Safe!

Contact Information:

Middle School web site with wide-ranging resources concerning Internet safety


Contact Information:

Information on internet safety for all ages
Interactive games and activities to help teach kids about internet safety

Washington State Traffic Safety Commission

Contact Information: or 360-753-6197

Information on traffic safety issues, including:

Bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, seatbelts, child seats,
drunk driving, and teens behind the wheel

Free materials about traffic safety

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Contact Information:

Free publications about crime prevention topics
Reports about crime across the nation
Email newsletters featuring new publications

Washington State Crime Prevention Association

Contact Information: or 509-525-3342

Crime prevention tips in all areas
Links to other crime prevention websites

US Department of Homeland Security

Contact Information: or 202-282-8000

Information about:

Emergency preparedness, cyber-security, and travel safety

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Contact Information:, or 206-622-0460

Reports on crime and statistics
Crime prevention publications on:

Internet safety, gangs and other topics
Educational feature teaching kids about the FBI

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

Contact Information: or 360-486-2380

Information about issues faced by law enforcement
Crime statistics
Washington State sex offenders link

National Sex Offender Public Registry

Contact Information:

Searchable database of all sex offenders in states that participate

Drug Enforcement Administration

Contact Information:

Tons of information about drugs and drug abuse prevention
Free publications

Contact Information:

Helpful information for neighborhood watch programs

Federal Trade Commission

Contact Information: or 877-IDTHEFT (877-438-4338)

Free publications about the prevention and detection of ID Theft, fraud, etc.
National "Do Not Call Registry" enrollment
Information about internet safety and spyware
Instructions for ordering a free credit report

US Postal Inspectors

Contact Information: or 800-773-7226

Free publications about mail security, fraud & ID Theft
On-line reporting of mail theft

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids - Washington

Contact Information:

Crime Prevention Research
Policy recommendations
Breaking news, links to resources