The Sheriff's Office is Now Open to the Public

911 Incident Responses

This daily incident log reflects all of the 911 calls for service that were reported to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office in a 24 hour period. The daily incident log is updated daily at 12:35 am reflecting activity for the past 24 hour period.

DateTimeSequence #Nature of IncidentLocation
06/24/202112:05:15 am211750002Medical Call Assist228xx Piessner Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202112:22:42 am211750007Juvenile Complaint6th Ave Se/ Old Pacific Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202112:29:15 am211750008Suspicious Circumstances36xx 57th Ln Se, Olympia
06/24/202112:30:56 am211750009Traffic StopYelm Hwy Se/ Rainier Rd Se, Lacey
06/24/202112:43:02 am211750012Welfare Check112xx Yelm Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:01:55 am211750022Noise Complaint63xx E Sarazen St Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:04:37 am211750023Info PatrolNb Us Highway 101 N At Steamboat Island Rd Nw, Olympia
06/24/202101:07:03 am211750024Area Check74xx Hawks Prairie Rd Ne, Lacey
06/24/202101:09:16 am211750027Sex Offense20xx Lakeridge Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202101:34:47 am211750033Assist Other AgencySr 507/ Koeppen Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202101:40:04 am211750034Traffic Stop94xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202101:44:41 am211750037Welfare Check57xx Glenmore Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:46:33 am211750038Area CheckAbernethy Rd Ne/ 20th Ln Ne, Olympia
06/24/202101:56:25 am211750040Traffic Stop29xx Sleater Kinney Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202102:01:52 am211750042Area Check199xx Bear View Ln Sw, Rochester
06/24/202102:12:35 am211750044Suspicious Circumstances72xx 12th Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202102:24:19 am211750049Medical Call Assist175xx 110th Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202102:58:26 am211750057Suspicious Vehicle4xx Yelm Ave E, Yelm
06/24/202103:04:03 am211750058Assist Other Agency6xx Devoe St Se, Olympia
06/24/202103:13:02 am211750060Welfare Check109xx Lundeen Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202103:16:44 am211750063Suspicious Vehicle66xx 196th Ave Sw, Rochester
06/24/202103:20:03 am211750066Area Check24xx 93rd Ave Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202103:20:46 am211750067Assist Other Agency148xx Prairie Vista Loop Se, Yelm
06/24/202103:25:41 am211750068Medical Call Assist7xx Wright Rd Se, Tenino
06/24/202103:29:16 am211750070Field Interview103xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202103:32:09 am211750072Suspicious Vehicle38xx Maytown Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:41:53 am211750074Welfare Check40xx Goldsby St Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:43:00 am211750075Area Check87xx Rich Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202103:51:28 am211750077Suspicious Vehicle92xx Snowdrop St Se, Tumwater
06/24/202103:53:28 am211750079Medical Call Assist24xx Gravelly Beach Loop Nw, Olympia
06/24/202104:03:31 am211750085Traffic Stop107xx I5 S, Olympia
06/24/202104:04:29 am211750088Suspicious Vehicle216th Ave Sw/ Nb I5 N, Centralia
06/24/202104:11:14 am211750091Area CheckMountain Aire Dr Se/ Mountain Aire Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:15:02 am211750094Medical Call Assist73xx Fair Oaks Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:35:55 am211750100Area Check75xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202104:47:05 am211750105Suspicious Vehicle71xx Fairview Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:59:43 am211750108Mental Disturbance145xx Mcintosh Ln Se, Tenino
06/24/202105:10:35 am211750111Suspicious Circumstances60xx Capitol Forest Ct Sw, Olympia
06/24/202105:21:20 am211750112Suspicious Circumstances91xx Gallea St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202105:23:24 am211750113Welfare Check170xx Railway Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202105:38:32 am211750116Follow Up78xx Scatterview Ln Sw, Rochester
06/24/202105:39:18 am211750117Medical Call Assist63xx Northill Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202105:42:38 am211750119Medical Call Assist113xx Cowlitz Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202105:43:07 am211750121Follow Up48xx Indian Summer Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202105:44:55 am211750122Welfare Check191xx Old Ranch Ln Sw, Rochester
06/24/202106:09:22 am211750131Area Check26xx 114th Way Sw, Olympia
06/24/202106:15:33 am211750132Protection Order34xx Ferguson St Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202106:43:58 am211750143Follow Up62xx Jamestown Ln Se, Lacey
06/24/202106:56:35 am211750147Medical Call Assist22xx 20th Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202106:57:57 am211750149Alarm77xx New Market St Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202106:59:05 am211750150Transport34xx Ferguson St Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202107:03:57 am211750154Medical Call Assist81xx 59th Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:06:28 am211750156Suspicious PersonPort Orford Blvd Se/ Pepperidge Ln Se, Yelm
06/24/202107:12:51 am211750161Welfare Check63xx Northill Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202107:31:27 am211750166Auto Theft48xx Sunrise Beach Rd Nw, Olympia
06/24/202107:47:08 am211750170Traffic Stop181xx Anderson Rd Sw,
06/24/202107:50:11 am211750171Traffic Stop129xx Sr 507, Rainier
06/24/202107:54:09 am211750173Welfare Check38xx 80th Ave Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:55:28 am211750176Disturbance14xx 83rd Ave Sw, Olympia
06/24/202107:55:29 am211750174Welfare Check25xx Willa St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202107:56:46 am211750177Reckless DrivingMartin Way E/ Marvin Rd Ne, Lacey
06/24/202108:01:24 am211750179Welfare Check140xx 123rd Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202108:03:35 am211750183Traffic StopSargent Rd Sw/ 183rd Ave Sw, Rochester
06/24/202108:08:37 am211750186Follow Up114xx Riverside Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:16:22 am211750189Medical Call Assist4xx Rochester St W, Rainier
06/24/202108:19:15 am211750192Fraud97xx Whitecap Dr Nw, Olympia
06/24/202108:19:27 am211750193Medical Call Assist9xx Fenske Dr Ne, Olympia
06/24/202108:24:18 am211750198Suspicious Circumstances39xx Gravelly Beach Loop Nw, Olympia
06/24/202108:35:17 am211750200Follow Up5xx Duterrow Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:36:18 am211750202Medical Call Assist70xx Meridian Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:36:26 am211750204Welfare Check63xx Neylon Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202108:38:57 am211750213Welfare Check82xx Ethan Ln Sw, Olympia
06/24/202108:39:21 am211750211Welfare Check74xx Yelm Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:40:54 am211750212Follow Up14xx 83rd Ave Sw, Olympia
06/24/202108:46:35 am211750219Traffic StopCase Rd Sw/ 93rd Ave Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202108:56:25 am211750229Attempt to Contact140th Ave Sw/ Tilley Rd S, Tenino
06/24/202108:57:32 am211750231Attempt to Locate2xx Country Estates Dr W, Rainier
06/24/202108:58:27 am211750230Follow Up66xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202109:02:42 am211750233Suspicious Circumstances62xx Rich Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202109:17:52 am211750241Impound18xx Sullivan St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:29:11 am211750244Traffic Stop97xx I5 S, Olympia
06/24/202109:31:24 am211750248Medical Call Assist11xx Loyola St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:34:19 am211750252Refer to Other Agency4xx Rochester St W, Rainier
06/24/202109:35:52 am211750253Alarm88xx Gate Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202109:39:04 am211750256Traffic Stop44xx Marvin Rd Ne, Lacey
06/24/202109:42:27 am211750261Welfare Check11xx Loyola St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:52:37 am211750267Follow Up1xx Hudson Ln Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:00:14 am211750271Welfare Check31xx 33rd Ln Ne, Olympia
06/24/202110:01:25 am211750272Public Service5xx Devoe St Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:05:39 am211750278Welfare Check49xx Puget Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202110:05:43 am211750279Medical Call Assist11xx Pacific Park Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:06:55 am211750282Welfare Check61xx 78th Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202110:10:51 am211750285Traffic AccidentMullen Rd Se/ Meridian Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:30:10 am211750302Follow Up39xx Gravelly Beach Loop Nw, Olympia
06/24/202110:48:09 am211750312Area Check81xx Steilacoom Rd Se, Lacey
06/24/202111:04:18 am211750318Medical Call Assist177xx Albany St Sw, Rochester
06/24/202111:06:24 am211750321Follow Up104xx Waddell Creek Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202111:12:31 am211750326Public Service18xx Draham St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202111:15:22 am211750327Medical Call Assist45xx Cole Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202111:29:52 am211750337Attempt to Contact2xx Country Estates Dr W, Rainier
06/24/202111:30:47 am211750338Medical Call Assist15xx 26th Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202111:33:12 am211750340Public Service31xx Overhulse Rd Nw, Olympia
06/24/202111:33:40 am211750342Traffic Stop30xx Marvin Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202111:36:00 am211750343Traffic Stop164xx Old Hwy 99 Se, Tenino
06/24/202111:43:00 am211750347Traffic Stop164xx Old Hwy 99 Se, Tenino
06/24/202111:46:56 am211750351Welfare Check67xx Fairview Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202111:49:24 am211750354Public Service85xx Mahonia Ct Se, Yelm
06/24/202112:07:42 pm211750366Welfare Check75xx Brianna Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202112:09:40 pm211750368Civil Call126xx Littlerock Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202112:14:34 pm211750369Welfare Check76xx Rainier Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202112:16:38 pm211750371Medical Call Assist83xx Lake Forest Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202112:26:02 pm211750377Follow Up126xx Littlerock Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202112:27:43 pm211750378Public Service167xx Sargent Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202112:39:30 pm211750388Welfare Check24xx Hogum Bay Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202112:44:07 pm211750389Transport34xx Ferguson St Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202112:48:19 pm211750394Public Service194xx 145th Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202101:03:02 pm211750398Welfare Check77xx Kelly Beach Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:09:35 pm211750403Follow Up18xx Draham St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202101:13:34 pm211750406Traffic AccidentLittlerock Rd Sw/ 128th Ave Sw, Olympia
06/24/202101:16:14 pm211750410Follow Up183xx Parkcrest Ct Se, Yelm
06/24/202101:17:05 pm211750412Assist Other Agency66xx Northill Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202101:23:48 pm211750417Alarm95xx Marlbrook Loop Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:26:03 pm211750421Welfare Check78xx Western Ct Sw, Olympia
06/24/202101:28:20 pm211750422Area Check77xx 61st Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202101:31:51 pm211750423Follow Up66xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202101:37:28 pm211750429Narcotics Investigation79xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202101:49:05 pm211750436Public Service67xx Alder Glen Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202101:54:46 pm211750442Follow Up12th Ave Ne/ South Bay Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202101:55:47 pm211750438Medical Call Assist177xx Marsh St Sw, Tenino
06/24/202102:03:56 pm211750450Follow Up57xx Normandy Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202102:04:55 pm211750452Assist Other Agency177xx Leitner Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202102:06:14 pm211750455Fire Call - Assist4xx Volesky Dr E, Rainier
06/24/202102:08:31 pm211750460Assist Other Agency85xx Thuja Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202102:09:47 pm211750459Follow Up175xx E Clear Lake Blvd Se, Yelm
06/24/202102:22:25 pm211750476Death Investigation68xx Condor Loop Ne, Olympia
06/24/202102:22:58 pm211750473Welfare Check65xx Us Highway 101 S, Olympia
06/24/202102:23:06 pm211750474Medical Call Assist97xx Johnson Point Loop Ne, Olympia
06/24/202102:24:11 pm211750479Fraud11xx Arcadia St Nw, Olympia
06/24/202102:25:21 pm211750478Refer to Other Agency177xx Leitner Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202102:25:53 pm211750483Traffic StopPacific Ave Se/ Kinwood St Se, Olympia
06/24/202102:25:54 pm211750480Welfare Check81xx 27th Ave Se, Olympia
06/24/202102:26:09 pm211750481Medical Call Assist47xx Stratford Ln Se, Olympia
06/24/202102:31:33 pm211750485Follow Up186xx Old Hwy 99 Sw, Rochester
06/24/202102:33:01 pm211750487Alarm122xx 168th Ave Sw, Rochester
06/24/202102:37:06 pm211750491Follow Up71xx Fairview Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202102:37:28 pm211750492Assist Other Agency27xx Fordham Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202102:40:26 pm211750496Welfare Check25xx Willa St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202102:42:39 pm211750501Welfare Check112xx Morris Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202102:53:21 pm211750510Public Service46xx 17th Ln Ne, Olympia
06/24/202103:01:00 pm211750518Follow Up71xx Fairview Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:02:06 pm211750515Follow Up10xx 93rd Ave Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:05:57 pm211750524Welfare Check204xx Old Hwy 99 Sw, Centralia
06/24/202103:09:06 pm211750527Refer to Other Agency68xx Condor Loop Ne, Olympia
06/24/202103:26:27 pm211750540Transport20xx Lakeridge Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:35:21 pm211750551Civil Call126xx 160th Ln Se, Rainier
06/24/202103:36:54 pm211750544Traffic AccidentYelm Hwy Se/ Wiggins Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202103:38:10 pm211750545Traffic Accident158xx Littlerock Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202103:38:51 pm211750547Traffic StopCase Rd Sw/ Maytown Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202103:40:25 pm211750549Reckless DrivingOld Pacific Hwy Se/ Winlock Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202103:46:23 pm211750555Traffic AccidentOld Hwy 99 Sw/ 216th Ave Sw, Centralia
06/24/202103:47:49 pm211750557Protection Order3xx Choker St Se, Olympia
06/24/202103:52:13 pm211750563Welfare Check41xx Us Highway 101 S, Olympia
06/24/202104:02:06 pm211750574Refer to Other Agency158xx Littlerock Rd Sw, Rochester
06/24/202104:04:39 pm211750583Follow Up66xx Littlerock Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:08:30 pm211750591Traffic AccidentMullen Rd Se/ Afflerbaugh Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:09:08 pm211750585Wires Down79xx 4th Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:15:54 pm211750590Refer to Other Agency79xx 4th Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:19:16 pm211750592Welfare Check85xx Thuja Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202104:20:51 pm211750595Info Patrol158xx 123rd Ave Se, Yelm
06/24/202104:28:41 pm211750601Medical Call Assist135xx Mima Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:29:37 pm211750606Welfare Check48xx Black Lake Belmore Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:33:19 pm211750609Medical Call Assist56xx Henslin Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:35:36 pm211750611Follow Up77xx Martin Way E, Olympia
06/24/202104:39:25 pm211750615DUIMullen Rd Se/ Saint Clair Cutoff Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202104:40:00 pm211750614Refer to Other Agency122xx Case Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:47:53 pm211750623Welfare Check54xx Black Lake Blvd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202104:49:34 pm211750622Follow Up156xx Ursula Ln Se, Yelm
06/24/202104:50:08 pm211750627Animal179xx Robinson Ln Sw, Rochester
06/24/202104:51:25 pm211750624Traffic StopLilly Rd Ne/ 26th Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202104:58:59 pm211750630Welfare Check49xx Dunham Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202105:01:19 pm211750636Follow Up171xx Canal Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202105:01:42 pm211750637Traffic Accident29xx Yelm Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202105:15:09 pm211750645Welfare Check25xx Willa St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202105:28:50 pm211750659Medical Call Assist147xx Old Hwy 99 Se, Tenino
06/24/202105:38:37 pm211750666Welfare CheckLibby Rd Ne/ Woodard Bay Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202105:40:35 pm211750669Medical Call Assist63xx Tamoshan Dr Nw, Olympia
06/24/202105:40:38 pm211750668Refer to Other Agency135xx Mima Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202105:44:07 pm211750674Traffic AccidentYelm Hwy Se/ Rich Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202106:06:16 pm211750691Follow Up38xx Sleater Kinney Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202106:09:09 pm211750694Welfare Check112xx Morris Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202106:11:40 pm211750699Public Service13xx Stillwell St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202106:15:22 pm211750701Follow Up33xx Donnelly Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202106:17:04 pm211750705Civil Call94xx 180th Way Sw, Rochester
06/24/202106:17:44 pm211750704Assist Other AgencyRich Rd Se/ Yelm Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202106:34:54 pm211750717Civil Call55xx Steamboat Island Rd Nw, Olympia
06/24/202106:42:14 pm211750728Traffic StopStedman Rd Se/ Chehalis Western Trl Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:00:55 pm211750741Medical Call Assist154xx Scenic Shores Dr Se, Yelm
06/24/202107:09:27 pm211750747Welfare Check13xx Manito Dr Ne, Olympia
06/24/202107:18:12 pm211750756Follow Up94xx 180th Way Sw, Rochester
06/24/202107:20:37 pm211750763Mental Disturbance172xx Shantra Ln Sw, Rochester
06/24/202107:22:20 pm211750760Welfare Check185xx Paulson St Sw, Rochester
06/24/202107:28:09 pm211750769Fire Call - Assist79xx Kelly Beach Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:29:04 pm211750771Suspicious VehicleFir Tree Rd Se/ 89th Ave Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:44:07 pm211750781Threats73xx 12th Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:44:50 pm211750782Civil Call73xx 12th Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202107:50:32 pm211750790Area Check1xx Rochester St W, Rainier
06/24/202108:07:59 pm211750810Welfare Check78xx 6th Way Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:15:42 pm211750814Fire Call - Assist153rd Ave Se/ Vail Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202108:26:13 pm211750818Welfare Check74xx Yelm Hwy Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:33:39 pm211750819Medical Call Assist84xx Sumac Ct Se, Yelm
06/24/202108:36:57 pm211750822Medical Call Assist32xx 78th Ave Se, Olympia
06/24/202108:41:49 pm211750826Fire Call - Assist129xx Vail Cutoff Rd Se, Rainier
06/24/202108:43:11 pm211750828Area Check165xx Port Orford Blvd Se, Yelm
06/24/202108:45:41 pm211750830Traffic StopPacific Ave Se/ Bismarck Ln Se, Lacey
06/24/202108:51:09 pm211750835Info Patrol200xx Steelhead Ct Se, Tenino
06/24/202108:55:05 pm211750837Area Check83xx Steilacoom Rd Se, Lacey
06/24/202108:59:57 pm211750840Domestic Violence67xx Alpine Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202109:20:19 pm211750857Fire Call - Assist10xx Neil St Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:23:08 pm211750859Welfare Check113xx I5 N, Olympia
06/24/202109:27:19 pm211750860Welfare Check77xx Union Mills Rd Se, Olympia
06/24/202109:32:58 pm211750862Alarm2xx Binghampton St W, Rainier
06/24/202109:33:07 pm211750863Medical Call Assist36xx 85th Ave Nw, Olympia
06/24/202109:35:03 pm211750865Unwanted Person37xx Shincke Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:35:04 pm211750866Fire Call - Assist102xx Kiwa Dr Se, Olympia
06/24/202109:45:48 pm211750875Fire Call - AssistZangle Rd Ne/ 73rd Ave Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:46:20 pm211750874Alarm104xx Summit Lake Rd Nw, Olympia
06/24/202109:46:34 pm211750873Area Check3xx 2nd St W, Rainier
06/24/202109:50:04 pm211750878Medical Call Assist36xx Shincke Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202109:54:22 pm211750882Suspicious CircumstancesBlack Lake Blvd Sw/ Goldsby St Sw, Olympia
06/24/202110:06:01 pm211750895Trespassing37xx Eagledale Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:10:56 pm211750896Welfare Check81xx 183rd Ave Sw, Rochester
06/24/202110:25:25 pm211750905Traffic Stop90xx Martin Way E, Lacey
06/24/202110:26:28 pm211750907Medical Call Assist48xx Cushman Rd Ne, Olympia
06/24/202110:26:50 pm211750906Assist Other Agency120xx Swa Wa Ct Se, Olympia
06/24/202110:27:06 pm211750909Welfare Check119xx Case Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202110:37:21 pm211750916Weapons Violation50xx 180th Trl Sw, Rochester
06/24/202110:46:39 pm211750917Auto Recovery83xx Quinault Dr Ne, Lacey
06/24/202110:52:06 pm211750923Alarm13xx 113th Ave Sw, Olympia
06/24/202110:52:33 pm211750925Public Service67xx Fairview Rd Sw, Olympia
06/24/202110:52:59 pm211750924Welfare CheckGreenridge St Sw/ Greenridge Loop Sw, Olympia
06/24/202111:08:21 pm211750929Medical Call Assist76xx Mesplay Ave Se, Olympia
06/24/202111:20:20 pm211750938Medical Call Assist84xx Prine Villa Ln Sw, Olympia
06/24/202111:23:26 pm211750940Suspicious Person61xx Northill Dr Sw, Olympia
06/24/202111:23:51 pm211750942Info PatrolSr 507/ Johnson Creek Ln Se, Tenino
06/24/202111:32:49 pm211750944Suspicious Vehicle54th Ave Sw/ Trosper Rd Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202111:33:11 pm211750945Medical Call Assist120xx Bald Hills Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202111:39:45 pm211750951Area Check24xx 93rd Ave Sw, Tumwater
06/24/202111:44:13 pm211750953Welfare Check112xx Morris Rd Se, Yelm
06/24/202111:49:00 pm211750956Suspicious Vehicle2xx Country Estates Dr W, Rainier
06/24/202111:58:08 pm211750962Suspicious Circumstances2xx Country Estates Dr W, Rainier