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911 Incident Responses

This daily incident log reflects all of the 911 calls for service that were reported to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office in a 24 hour period. The daily incident log is updated daily at 12:35 am reflecting activity for the past 24 hour period.

DateTimeSequence #Nature of IncidentLocation
04/19/202112:06:57 am211090004Suspicious Vehicle87XX LAKE LUCINDA DR SW
04/19/202112:20:05 am211090007Traffic StopSR 507/OLD MCKENNA RD SE
04/19/202112:27:40 am211090011Welfare Check68XX BOSTON HARBOR EXT RD NE
04/19/202112:28:41 am211090012Traffic Stop9XX TUMWATER BLVD SE
04/19/202112:37:08 am211090015Area Check47XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202101:07:42 am211090023Suspicious Vehicle62XX 197TH AVE SW
04/19/202101:39:43 am211090040Traffic StopDONNELLY DR SE/WIGGINS RD SE
04/19/202101:45:18 am211090043Traffic StopOLD PACIFIC HWY SE/7TH AVE SE
04/19/202101:45:49 am211090044Traffic Stop168XX OLD HWY 99 SE
04/19/202101:53:21 am211090049Traffic StopOLD PACIFIC HWY SE/6TH AVE SE
04/19/202101:57:09 am211090050Suspicious VehicleORVAS CT SE/YELM HWY SE
04/19/202102:20:26 am211090054Suspicious Circumstances45XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:28:39 am211090057Area Check6XX YELM AVE W
04/19/202102:36:02 am211090059Traffic StopPACIFIC AVE SE/DAVID ST SE
04/19/202102:37:06 am211090060Traffic StopSR 510 ALT/KILLION RD SE
04/19/202102:51:09 am211090063Suspicious Person116XX 6TH AVE SE
04/19/202102:54:23 am211090065Follow Up45XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:56:53 am211090066Assist Other Agency5XX TROSPER RD SW
04/19/202103:18:54 am211090072Traffic StopSTEILACOOM RD SE/MARVIN RD SE
04/19/202103:19:09 am211090073Welfare Check76XX 187TH AVE SW
04/19/202103:37:14 am211090075Medical Call Assist13XX ALKI ST NE
04/19/202103:47:35 am211090079Attempt to Contact45XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202103:50:57 am211090083Assist Other Agency3XX CHOKER ST SE
04/19/202104:23:24 am211090090Welfare Check74XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202104:45:43 am211090095Traffic StopVAIL RD SE/COOK RD SE
04/19/202105:00:49 am211090097Suspicious Vehicle197XX OLD HWY 99 SW
04/19/202105:04:10 am211090098Medical Call Assist160XX TILLEY RD S
04/19/202105:07:46 am211090101Traffic StopBLACK LAKE BLVD SW/GOLDSBY ST SW
04/19/202105:09:08 am211090102Medical Call Assist7XX SANDRA LEE ST SE
04/19/202105:25:52 am211090111Alarm49XX DONAVAN DR SE
04/19/202105:36:59 am211090114Medical Call Assist179XX DESIMONE CT SW
04/19/202105:39:01 am211090119Suspicious Vehicle197XX OLD HWY 99 SW
04/19/202105:41:42 am211090120Traffic Accident911 NB ON RAMP I5 NISQUALLY
04/19/202105:42:30 am211090122Medical Call Assist116XX RIVERSIDE DR SE
04/19/202105:56:52 am211090129Traffic Accident20XX SLEATER KINNEY RD NE
04/19/202106:06:00 am211090135Area Check5XX TROSPER RD SW
04/19/202106:10:27 am211090139Follow Up170XX MELVILLE ST SE
04/19/202106:39:16 am211090146Medical Call Assist175XX NORTHCRAFT RD SE
04/19/202106:57:03 am211090151Suspicious Person75XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202107:01:02 am211090154Medical Call Assist55XX DONNELLY DR SE
04/19/202107:19:28 am211090161Transport48XX TUMWATER VALLEY DR SE
04/19/202107:29:16 am211090164Welfare Check42XX 20TH LN NE
04/19/202107:34:02 am211090169Follow Up20XX LAKERIDGE DR SW
04/19/202107:45:22 am211090175Public Service36XX BISCAY ST NW
04/19/202107:45:46 am211090172Medical Call Assist84XX STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202107:55:52 am211090185Welfare Check1XX STAFFORD LN SE
04/19/202108:04:28 am211090191Transport34XX FERGUSON ST SW
04/19/202108:07:33 am211090192Vehicle Prowl11XX SUMMERFIELD DR SE
04/19/202108:14:15 am211090195Area Check3XX 2ND ST W
04/19/202108:16:40 am211090196Follow Up79XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202108:19:17 am211090198PARK85XX STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202108:24:57 am211090207Follow Up25XX HIDDEN SPRINGS LOOP SE
04/19/202108:25:10 am211090206Auto Theft1XX BINGHAMPTON ST W
04/19/202108:31:01 am211090213Welfare Check23XX CUMBERLAND AVE SW
04/19/202108:31:17 am211090210Medical Call Assist75XX UNION MILLS RD SE
04/19/202108:44:53 am211090221Impound25XX 114TH WAY SW
04/19/202108:47:47 am211090223Transport24XX CHANDLER CT SW
04/19/202108:59:26 am211090229Assist Other Agency83XX 83RD AVE SE
04/19/202109:01:06 am211090231Public Service158XX 123RD AVE SE
04/19/202109:03:47 am211090234Follow Up1XX BINGHAMPTON ST W
04/19/202109:06:21 am211090235Welfare Check25XX WILLA ST NE
04/19/202109:06:50 am211090236Welfare Check116XX RIVERSIDE DR SE
04/19/202109:09:23 am211090240Traffic Stop119XX CASE RD SW
04/19/202109:10:24 am211090241Area Check76XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202109:22:53 am211090250Suspicious Vehicle133XX MIMA RD SW
04/19/202109:25:06 am211090251Traffic Stop55TH CT SE/WIGGINS RD SE
04/19/202109:25:52 am211090255Alarm160XX LAWRENCE PL SE
04/19/202109:25:53 am211090256Welfare Check64XX TOULLIERE LN SW
04/19/202109:26:32 am211090257Follow Up66XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202109:44:46 am211090268Medical Call Assist141XX PLUM NELLY LN SE
04/19/202109:50:15 am211090271Welfare Check74XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202109:51:35 am211090272Welfare Check59XX ASHBOURNE LN SE
04/19/202109:53:42 am211090278Welfare Check32XX FERGUSON ST SW
04/19/202109:57:36 am211090282Medical Call Assist9XX GREGORY WAY SE
04/19/202110:00:14 am211090289Suspicious Vehicle1XX NEWBERRY LN SE
04/19/202110:01:29 am211090290Welfare Check77XX COOPER POINT RD NW
04/19/202110:05:39 am211090298Civil Call90XX PACIFIC AVE SE
04/19/202110:08:49 am211090300Disorderly Conduct10XX KINGHAM ST NE
04/19/202110:17:26 am211090306Follow Up1XX HUDSON LN SE
04/19/202110:21:51 am211090310Follow Up152XX RUNYON RD SE
04/19/202110:30:58 am211090322Medical Call Assist84XX STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202110:33:16 am211090324Follow Up62XX LIBBY RD NE
04/19/202110:35:51 am211090325WarrantBORDEAUX RD SW/MIMA RD SW
04/19/202110:37:27 am211090329Medical Call Assist48XX SCENIC LN NE
04/19/202110:43:26 am211090335Medical Call Assist56XX BLACK LAKE BELMORE RD SW
04/19/202110:47:42 am211090337Public Service83XX STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202110:50:09 am211090340Info Patrol28XX BOAT LAUNCH ST SE
04/19/202110:56:19 am211090343Traffic Accident75XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202111:15:21 am211090355Welfare Check5XX MCKENZIE RD SW
04/19/202111:17:45 am211090358Welfare Check56XX BLACK LAKE BELMORE RD SW
04/19/202111:22:55 am211090362Traffic StopMINNESOTA ST N/SEATTLE ST W
04/19/202111:34:06 am211090371Abandonded Vehicle140XX VAIL CUTOFF RD SE
04/19/202111:39:09 am211090376Traffic Accident115XX LITTLEROCK RD SW
04/19/202111:43:16 am211090377Abandonded VehicleBELLA CT SE/29TH WAY SE
04/19/202111:43:25 am211090384Follow Up64XX 201ST AVE SW
04/19/202111:53:27 am211090385Follow Up27XX ALYSSA CT SE
04/19/202111:56:16 am211090387Medical Call Assist2XX MADRONA BEACH RD NW
04/19/202111:58:55 am211090391Alarm120XX MORRIS RD SE
04/19/202112:00:21 pm211090393Suicide Attempt/Threat46XX GALLUP DR SE
04/19/202112:02:27 pm211090396Assist Other Agency113TH AVE SE/TILLEY RD S
04/19/202112:07:14 pm211090401Transport20XX LAKERIDGE DR SW
04/19/202112:18:33 pm211090408Welfare Check122XX TILLEY RD S
04/19/202112:23:06 pm211090411Weapons Violation43XX 81ST AVE SE
04/19/202112:23:21 pm211090410Welfare Check92XX 179TH LN SW
04/19/202112:27:45 pm211090414Welfare Check62XX LAKE SAINT CLAIR DR SE
04/19/202112:32:16 pm211090419Warrant46XX GALLUP DR SE
04/19/202112:33:08 pm211090420Welfare Check109XX LUNDEEN RD SW
04/19/202112:41:13 pm211090425Found Property51XX WIGGINS RD SE
04/19/202112:41:42 pm211090428DisturbanceUS HIGHWAY 12 SW/OLD HWY 99 SW
04/19/202112:42:11 pm211090426Transport34XX FERGUSON ST SW
04/19/202112:46:35 pm211090435Suspicious VehicleDUCKABUSH CT SE/COWLITZ DR SE
04/19/202112:50:27 pm211090436Disturbance123RD AVE SE/HOBBY ST SE
04/19/202101:01:59 pm211090445Domestic ViolenceKOEPPEN RD SE/SR 507
04/19/202101:03:10 pm211090449Welfare Check24XX CRESTLINE DR NW
04/19/202101:04:35 pm211090450Traffic StopMADRONA BEACH RD NW/MUD BAY RD W
04/19/202101:10:44 pm211090453Alarm78XX PACIFIC AVE SE
04/19/202101:13:06 pm211090454Medical Call Assist77XX OSBORNE ST SW
04/19/202101:23:13 pm211090463Medical Call Assist169XX 153RD AVE SE
04/19/202101:25:28 pm211090466Fire Call - Assist79XX JOHNSON RD SE
04/19/202101:27:11 pm211090468Welfare Check129XX 155TH LN SE
04/19/202101:30:35 pm211090472Welfare Check129XX 155TH LN SE
04/19/202101:31:28 pm211090473Area Check1XX ROCHESTER ST W
04/19/202101:33:03 pm211090475Follow Up197XX OLD HWY 99 SW
04/19/202101:34:44 pm211090481Info Patrol49XX STEAMBOAT ISLAND RD NW
04/19/202101:35:50 pm211090480Welfare Check44XX SUNRISE HEIGHTS ST NW
04/19/202101:37:00 pm211090483Traffic StopCEDAR FLATS RD SW/DELPHI RD SW
04/19/202101:37:45 pm211090484Fraud201XX BUCODA HWY SE
04/19/202101:43:41 pm211090486Fire Call - Assist94XX CRETE ST SE
04/19/202101:44:42 pm211090488Alarm62XX 41ST AVE NW
04/19/202101:48:39 pm211090492Area Check6XX 3RD ST W
04/19/202101:49:06 pm211090495Theft2XX RANGER DR SE
04/19/202101:50:04 pm211090496Trespassing1XX NENANT ST S
04/19/202101:51:22 pm211090499Traffic Stop51XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:01:30 pm211090511Follow Up1XX HUDSON LN SE
04/19/202102:02:14 pm211090513Follow Up27XX 5TH AVE NE
04/19/202102:03:11 pm211090514Traffic Stop59XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:09:38 pm211090523Welfare Check185XX DEERFIELD LN SW
04/19/202102:14:02 pm211090526Traffic Stop48XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:15:15 pm211090527Disorderly Conduct116XX NISQUALLY PARK LOOP SE
04/19/202102:19:47 pm211090531Traffic Stop42XX BLACK LAKE BLVD SW
04/19/202102:20:02 pm211090533Civil Call88XX RATHBUN RD SE
04/19/202102:32:41 pm211090552Welfare Check81XX SPARROW CT SE
04/19/202102:35:40 pm211090557Civil Call152XX RUNYON RD SE
04/19/202102:46:08 pm211090561Welfare Check9XX GREGORY WAY SE
04/19/202102:49:06 pm211090563Traffic Stop28XX COOPER POINT RD NW
04/19/202102:50:04 pm211090565Follow Up66XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202102:53:56 pm211090568Medical Call Assist30XX DONAVAN LOOP SE
04/19/202102:55:56 pm211090570Threats179XX ALBANY ST SW
04/19/202102:59:52 pm211090571Traffic StopEVERGREEN PKWY NW/17TH AVE NW
04/19/202103:03:18 pm211090577Traffic StopCENTRE ST N/MIDDLETON DR SE
04/19/202103:09:42 pm211090581Alarm36XX PRESTWICK LN SE
04/19/202103:13:16 pm211090584Public Service1XX CARVER WALK SE
04/19/202103:14:56 pm211090585Traffic StopCARPENTER RD SE/6TH AVE SE
04/19/202103:17:19 pm211090589Refer to Other Agency61XX SHINCKE RD NE
04/19/202103:20:01 pm211090591Refer to Other AgencyWOODARD BAY RD NE/CHEHALIS WESTERN TRL NE
04/19/202103:20:51 pm211090592Area Check1XX ROCHESTER ST W
04/19/202103:28:07 pm211090596Traffic Stop26XX SCOTLAC DR SW
04/19/202103:35:46 pm211090601Abandonded VehicleLAKE LOIS RD SE/PACIFIC AVE SE
04/19/202103:40:58 pm211090605Welfare Check38XX EAGLE DR NE
04/19/202103:42:33 pm211090607Welfare Check38XX SLEATER KINNEY RD NE
04/19/202103:43:13 pm211090609Welfare Check38XX SLEATER KINNEY RD NE
04/19/202103:46:28 pm211090615Traffic Stop89TH AVE SE/RICH RD SE
04/19/202103:51:47 pm211090619Civil Call191XX 128TH AVE SE
04/19/202103:53:39 pm211090624Auto Theft195XX IVAN ST SW
04/19/202103:54:04 pm211090621Traffic StopVANTAGE AVE SW/SHORE VIEW DR SW
04/19/202103:56:46 pm211090623Traffic Stop2ND ST E/CENTRE ST S
04/19/202103:58:00 pm211090626Medical Call Assist38XX MARLA CT NE
04/19/202103:58:28 pm211090625Traffic Stop900 SB OFF RAMP 93RD AVE SW
04/19/202103:59:48 pm211090631DUI3XX MADRONA BEACH RD NW
04/19/202103:59:55 pm211090629Medical Call Assist99XX MULLEN RD SE
04/19/202104:00:19 pm211090632Medical Call Assist50XX LAURA ST SE
04/19/202104:01:26 pm211090636Info Patrol27XX ASPINWALL RD NW
04/19/202104:02:32 pm211090634Traffic Stop94XX RICH RD SE
04/19/202104:04:02 pm211090638Info Patrol41XX AUTUMN LINE DR SE
04/19/202104:05:12 pm211090639Medical Call Assist57XX SHINCKE RD NE
04/19/202104:09:32 pm211090643Welfare Check181XX BEND ST SW
04/19/202104:19:19 pm211090649Transport34XX FERGUSON ST SW
04/19/202104:19:36 pm211090651Assist Other Agency50XX LAURA ST SE
04/19/202104:25:36 pm211090659Weapons Violation146XX CASE RD SW
04/19/202104:27:12 pm211090661Medical Call Assist108XX KUHLMAN RD SE
04/19/202104:38:31 pm211090670Domestic Violence82XX SWEETBRIER LN SE
04/19/202104:45:21 pm211090675Welfare Check44XX MARVIN RD SE
04/19/202104:46:45 pm211090680Fraud31XX OVERHULSE RD NW
04/19/202104:52:38 pm211090682Traffic Stop94XX RICH RD SE
04/19/202104:58:21 pm211090687Welfare Check151XX LABRADOR LN SW
04/19/202104:58:53 pm211090689Welfare Check33XX 163RD AVE SW
04/19/202105:01:02 pm211090693Traffic Stop93XX RICH RD SE
04/19/202105:01:37 pm211090695Reckless Driving137XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202105:03:10 pm211090696Assist Other Agency11XX MARVIN RD SE
04/19/202105:08:13 pm211090701Medical Call AssistMARTIN WAY E/NISQUALLY CUTOFF RD SE
04/19/202105:11:32 pm211090706Traffic Stop86TH AVE SE/FIR TREE RD SE
04/19/202105:14:38 pm211090712Mental Disturbance33XX BLUMAUER RD SE
04/19/202105:16:02 pm211090709Traffic StopCENTRE ST N/BINGHAMPTON ST E
04/19/202105:16:24 pm211090710Welfare Check3XX THURMAN ST S
04/19/202105:19:40 pm211090721Info Patrol85XX MAHONIA CT SE
04/19/202105:20:26 pm211090719Welfare Check85XX MAHONIA CT SE
04/19/202105:24:07 pm211090724Assist Other Agency90XX GALLEA ST NE
04/19/202105:27:18 pm211090723Narcotics Investigation205XX GRAND MOUND WAY SW
04/19/202105:32:11 pm211090732Malicious Mischief109XX VANCIL RD SE
04/19/202105:32:32 pm211090727Medical Call Assist148XX FOX HILL RD SE
04/19/202105:32:56 pm211090729Assault196XX STARLIT LN SW
04/19/202105:34:24 pm211090731Traffic Stop98XX LITTLEROCK RD SW
04/19/202105:37:13 pm211090737Traffic StopCOOPER POINT RD NW/41ST LN NW
04/19/202105:38:01 pm211090735Civil Call6XX BAMBERG LN SE
04/19/202105:41:39 pm211090739DUIMULLEN RD SE/MERIDIAN RD SE
04/19/202105:41:51 pm211090738Traffic Stop66XX MULLEN RD SE
04/19/202105:44:05 pm211090743Domestic Violence146XX HIGH VALLEY LN SE
04/19/202105:49:29 pm211090747Mental Disturbance109XX VANCIL RD SE
04/19/202105:58:21 pm211090753Medical Call Assist91XX SCHMITZ CT SE
04/19/202106:00:55 pm211090755Welfare Check36XX COUNTRY CLUB DR NW
04/19/202106:02:05 pm211090756Traffic StopOLD PACIFIC HWY SE/RESERVATION RD SE
04/19/202106:03:35 pm211090762Medical Call Assist70XX SANDY POINT RD NE
04/19/202106:05:15 pm211090765Medical Call Assist91XX LITTLEROCK RD SW
04/19/202106:14:18 pm211090771Welfare Check27XX SLEATER KINNEY RD NE
04/19/202106:14:19 pm211090770Traffic Stop8XX OLD PACIFIC HWY SE
04/19/202106:19:57 pm211090776Traffic StopELDERBERRY ST SW/US HIGHWAY 12 SW
04/19/202106:30:18 pm211090784Traffic StopMARTIN WAY E/MARVIN RD NE
04/19/202106:31:25 pm211090785Attempt to Contact81XX S BICENTENNIAL LOOP SE
04/19/202106:53:48 pm211090796Fire Call - Assist78XX DELPHI RD SW
04/19/202106:54:57 pm211090801Civil Call15XX RESERVATION RD SE
04/19/202106:57:12 pm211090800Traffic StopMUD BAY RD W/DELPHI RD NW
04/19/202107:00:38 pm211090802Traffic Stop9XX CARPENTER RD NE
04/19/202107:05:04 pm211090809Traffic StopDUTERROW RD SE/STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202107:05:22 pm211090813Alarm217XX 183RD AVE SE
04/19/202107:09:08 pm211090815Suspicious Vehicle195XX IVAN ST SW
04/19/202107:10:19 pm211090817Domestic Violence38XX OWL LN NE
04/19/202107:16:27 pm211090822Domestic Violence83XX STEILACOOM RD SE
04/19/202107:17:55 pm211090824Welfare CheckCOOPER POINT RD NW/28TH AVE NW
04/19/202107:23:22 pm211090827Traffic Accident8XX SOUTH BAY RD NE
04/19/202107:27:10 pm211090831Weapons Violation144XX CASE RD SW
04/19/202107:34:47 pm211090833Medical Call Assist183XX NUTMEG ST SW
04/19/202107:39:30 pm211090836Assist Other Agency45XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202108:25:45 pm211090866Public Service22XX 93RD AVE SE
04/19/202108:26:23 pm211090867Traffic Stop98XX RAINIER RD SE
04/19/202108:32:07 pm211090869Welfare Check32XX YELM HWY SE
04/19/202108:34:19 pm211090870Welfare Check109XX GENTRY LN SW
04/19/202108:35:04 pm211090871Traffic Stop100XX RAINIER RD SE
04/19/202108:37:51 pm211090875Medical Call Assist156XX 123RD AVE SE
04/19/202108:38:39 pm211090874Traffic Stop183RD AVE SW/IVAN ST SW
04/19/202109:13:00 pm211090892Domestic Violence21XX LORRAINE DR SE
04/19/202109:13:09 pm211090891Welfare Check76XX 3RD WAY SE
04/19/202109:13:41 pm211090893Info Patrol900 NB OFF RAMP OLD 99 HWY SW
04/19/202109:22:15 pm211090898Public Service42XX WIGGINS RD SE
04/19/202109:29:01 pm211090905Traffic AccidentSHADY LANE RD SE/CARPENTER RD SE
04/19/202109:35:12 pm211090909Area Check5XX MINNESOTA ST N
04/19/202109:37:23 pm211090913Traffic StopKELLY BEACH RD SE/YELM HWY SE
04/19/202109:40:06 pm211090914Domestic Violence176XX LOOP LN SE
04/19/202109:41:10 pm211090915Alarm78XX PACIFIC AVE SE
04/19/202109:47:46 pm211090916Refer to Other AgencySHADY LANE RD SE/CARPENTER RD SE
04/19/202109:49:03 pm211090918Welfare Check120XX MILITARY RD SE
04/19/202110:02:22 pm211090927Assist Other AgencyYELM HWY SE/NORMANDY DR SE
04/19/202110:06:03 pm211090929Info Patrol900 NB OFF RAMP OLD 99 HWY SW
04/19/202110:12:58 pm211090936Welfare Check91XX MARTIN WAY E
04/19/202110:17:45 pm211090939Domestic Violence78XX JOHNSON POINT RD NE
04/19/202110:33:31 pm211090941Area Check5XX TROSPER RD SW
04/19/202111:07:15 pm211090957Medical Call Assist64XX 33RD AVE NW
04/19/202111:15:25 pm211090963Traffic StopBLACK LAKE BLVD SW/NB US HIGHWAY 101 N
04/19/202111:16:29 pm211090964Welfare Check94XX PIPERHILL DR SE
04/19/202111:17:49 pm211090965Area Check197XX OLD HWY 99 SW
04/19/202111:23:21 pm211090969Domestic Violence91XX BOULDER LN SE
04/19/202111:25:00 pm211090970Fire Call - Assist160XX TILLEY RD S
04/19/202111:38:04 pm211090974Area Check24XX 93RD AVE SW
04/19/202111:52:50 pm211090982Noise Complaint9XX NEIL ST NE