The Sheriff's Office is Now Open to the Public

A Message from Sheriff John Snaza

Sheriff John Snaza

As Sheriff of Thurston County, Washington State’s Capital County, I welcome you to our web site. This site was created to provide an introduction to the important information to assist us with ensuring the public safety for the people we serve. Our goal is to assist you with providing information about public safety issues that have an impact upon the quality of life in Thurston County and the service our agency provides. Many of the public safety issues have a far broader geographical range than just Thurston County, so we hope our web site will also serve as a resource to other information links to help keep you informed.

The service we provide the people of Thurston County would not be possible without the 225 employees’ dedication to duty and their commitment to strong core values and to respect all people.

We believe in innovation, transparency, and being good stewards of our public funds, people, time, and physical assets. As an example, we adapted a new patrol schedule and rotation for our investigative staff to provide more experienced and responsive service. We added an additional six deputies to the patrol by realigning staff and hiring two deputies to support our contracted cities (Rainier and Bucoda).

I believe effective leadership is vitally important for accountability in providing quality service to ensure public safety. With this in mind, the ongoing development of all my staff at every level is a priority to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We have implemented leadership team meetings to help identify the day-to-day operational needs of the entire agency, making critical decisions to improve public service, and monitoring every aspect of the agency based on performance, crime, budget, and accountability.

We are dedicated to being a strong partner and public service leader in Thurston County and in Washington State. As we work towards another year of success, we are committed to working with the Board of County Commissioners to find a resolution with the new jail. We will continue to manage our equipment and resources, to include improving technology, records management, personnel development, and advancing our volunteer programs.

The men and women of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office are committed to protecting our families, friends, and children. We believe “People First ~ Public Safety Always.”

Serving you, John D. Snaza, Sheriff