Why Applications Are Rejected

The Chief Examiner may reject any application or applicant for appointment, promotion, or re-employment for any of the following reasons:

  • The applicant lacks the minimum qualifications set forth in the examination announcement.
  • The applicant fails to meet pre-employment screening standards
  • The applicant has made a false statement on the applications with regard to any material facts.
  • The applicant has been dismissed for cause from any classified position in the Sheriff's Office within the preceding twelve months and no grievance or appeal is pending.
  • The applicant, after notification, failed to timely respond to a request for contact, failed to provide requested information required for an examination or background investigation, or did not appear at the time and place designated for examination.
  • The applicant has directly or indirectly paid or promised to pay any money or other valuable thing to any person to achieve appointment, promotion, or re-employment.

Some additional reasons why applications may be rejected are:

  • The application was received without an original signature.
  • The application was not received by the closing date.
  • A resume was received without a completed application form.
  • The application was for a position for which there is no current opening. Thurston County does not maintain an employment register.
  • The application form submitted is not the one used by Thurston County.
  • The position being applied for also requires submission of a completed Supplemental Questionnaire form which was not sent in with the application.
  • The application did not indicate which position was being applied for.
  • The application indicated that multiple positions were being applied for. A separate application is required for each position being applied for.