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Did you know that you can donate all clothing, regardless of condition? Your worn, torn, damaged and stained clothing doesn’t need to go into the garbage. Instead it can be donated for reuse and recycling at a number of locations throughout Thurston County.

Why donate?

In the United States the average person throws away 70 pounds of clothing and textiles a year. Clothing and textiles don't belong in a landfill though. In fact, 95 percent of the items that are thrown away, could have been reused or recycled.

Now it’s possible to donate more than just “gently used" clothing and linens. Thrift stores and other collection sites that are part of the Thurston County Threadcycle campaign now accept items that are stained, holey or damaged, as well as items that used to be part of a pair such as single socks, shoes and gloves. Some of the items are reused, while those that are too damaged for reuse get recycled into new products such as rags or auto insulation.

Good for the Environment

Recycling damaged, stained, and torn textiles is good for the environment. By keeping usable materials out of the landfill we are helping to ensure that we can use the same landfill for many years to come. Recycling textiles is also good for the environment because it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA estimates that in 2012, 2.25 million tons of textiles were recycled. This prevented the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as taking 1.2 million cars off of the road for one year.*

*Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the United States: Facts and Figures for 2012 Pgs. 8 & 11 (PDF, external – U.S. EPA, 2012).

Good for the Economy

Textile recycling creates jobs. The Institute for Local Self Reliance estimates that textile recycling creates about 85 jobs per 10,000 tons of materials processed. This makes it the second most job intensive reuse industry in the U.S.**


What can I donate?

Now you can donate all of your clothes, shoes and linens. Theadcycle partners accept these items in any condition, so long as they are not wet, mildewed or contaminated with hazardous materials. Items that are torn, ripped, holey, stained, broken, worn-out, and single socks, shoes, and gloves, are all accepted. When you donate, there is no need to separate or label Threadcycle items, just donate them as you would any other items.

dirty glove Single gloves, socks and shoes.
holey socks Holey socks, t-shirts, sweaters, and any other clothing with holes.
bleached stained clothing Stained or bleached clothing.
boot with hole Shoes or boots with holes or tears.
torn jeans Ripped or torn clothing.
Image of linens Sheets, towels and other linens.

Where can I donate?

The following organizations are Threadcycle partners in Thurston County. They will accept all clothes, shoes and linens in any condition. Visit and click on “Clothes-Damaged,” to find a convenient drop-off location near you.

Value Village logo NWC Logo Goodwill logo USA Again Logo

Are you a retailer interested in promoting the Threadcycle Campaign? Download this printable sign to hang in your window.


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