What happened to 2Good2Toss?

Thank you for your support as we work to reduce landfill waste in Thurston County. Together, over the past 16 years, our use of the 2Good2Toss reusable materials exchange successfully prevented 1.5 million pounds of usable material from being buried forever. We’ve also helped neighbors save money at the same time.

With a surge in web-based materials exchanges in recent years, we’ve decided to retire our 2Good2Toss web page. This will allow for a more concentrated exchange market, reduce cross-posting, and increase successful exchanges. If you have an active listing on Thurston County’s 2Good2Toss page, it will become inactive as of June 1 and we ask that you plan accordingly.

We strongly encourage you to continue exchanging lightly used goods and helping reducing waste by exploring the many other exchange websites available in our area. An online search will display multiple options, such as:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 360-867-2491 or ThurstonSolidWaste@co.thurston.wa.us