Beyond SingleStream: other recycling options

Waste reduction

2Good2Toss. Sell, donate, or buy used items locally. There is no charge to use the website, and you can sell your items for up to $200.

Donate extra food to the Thurston County Food Bank. Grocery stores and restaurants can keep good food from going to waste and donate it to those who need it most.

Think beyond non-perishable; you may donate unsold meats, dairy, bakery, and produce items that have passed their sell-by dates as well as food that has already been prepared but not served.

WhereDoITakeMy? database. Visit our comprehensive database to find reuse and recycling options for a variety of different materials.


Compost (food & yard waste). Contact your hauler to learn about pickup service for food scraps and yardwaste.

Construction and demolition debris. Save money and resources by recycling construction and demolition waste.

Document shredding. LeMay Mobile Shredding can send a mobile shredder to your business. Call LeMay at 486-8605 for details.

Electronics. Washington’s E-Cycle program provides free recycling to K-12 schools, charities, small businesses, small governments, and some special purpose districts. The program covers the following electronics:

  • Laptops
  • Computers & monitors
  • TVs
  • E-readers and tablets
  • Portable DVD players

Glass. LeMay customers can request a separate bin for glass bottles and jars at an additional cost. Contact LeMay for more information.

Molded foam blocks and food service containers. Recycle molded foam blocks and food service containers at DART Container Corp., located at 600 Israel Road SE.

picture of woman holding styrofoam blocks

Before you recycle your foam:

  • Rinse or wipe food containers clean.
  • Make sure foam has the #6 recycle symbol.
  • Put foam in a clear or translucent bag.
  • Put shape molded foam and food containers in separate bags.

Call 352-7045 to schedule large deliveries.





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