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If your organization is ready to begin reducing waste, follow the below steps today to get started.

Waste reduction (recycling and waste prevention) offers financial advantages, benefit the environment and society, and establish your organization as a good community citizen, providing immeasurable, lasting rewards.

You can also contact us for free assistance to help your business, non-profit, school or government every step of the way. We also provide downloadable signs for your recycling program.

image of number 1  Assess your waste stream and establish a baseline.
Conduct a waste audit  | Perform a walk-thru of your facility
image of number 2 Design your program & set a goal.
Ideas to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle | Tips for setting up your recycling system | Sample employee recycling survey questions | Learn about mini trash bins or binless offices | Recycling and waste prevention information by industry
picture of #3 Train employees and motivate them to participate.
Learn how to form a green team | Get Caught Green Handed! program | Printable recycling stickers and signs
picture of #4 Measure your progress and share the results.
Share your workplace waste prevention or recycling story | Convert your waste reduction to greenhouse gas emissions 
picture of #5 Keep it up!
Sign up for our Green@work newsletter | Learn about earning Thurston Green Business designation | Beyond SingleStream: other recycling options | Hold a waste-free meeting







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