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Thurston Food Rescue: Feed People, Not Landfills!

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Restaurants, caterers, hospitals, grocery stores and schools often prepare food that does not always end up getting served. Maybe it’s a tray of pasta that only a few customers ordered or a platter of sandwiches that went unserved.

Which businesses can donate?

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Thurston County Food Recovery is not limited to just restaurants. Almost any business or organization that produces or serves food can donate. Currently there are schools, grocery stores, caterers, coffee shops, hotels, and local restaurants participating in the program. Stores can donate prepared foods, produce, meat, dairy, and more!

How does it work?

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Can businesses be held liable?

State and federal laws protects organizations from liability whenever they donate food they believe to be safe.

Learn more about Washington’s Good Samaritan law.

Learn more about the federal Good Samaritan law.

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