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27,000 tons of food waste
17 percent of what businesses send to the landfill each year is food waste, some even edible food too.

Sending organics to the landfill is the most expensive option available to a business.

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Food waste and food-soiled paper

Restaurants and grocery stores in particular can benefit from organic collection. Food waste and food-soiled paper make up about 60% of a sit-down restaurant’s waste stream. Edible food too?

Landscaping and yard debris

Businesses can easily sign up for commercial organic pickup at their site or take yard waste to the Waste and Recovery Center.

What items can be collected through commercial organics collection?

City of Olympia service areas

LeMay service areas

Find out more about purchasing compostable products for your business.

Public events

If possible, use durable products like washable utensils, cups, and plates to prevent waste. Check out our waste-free events page.

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